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Prof. Ivo Hristov: We Are Participating In One Of The Greatest Manipulations Of The 21st Century

"The coronavirus is not the reason for the closure of the world and the new world order.

The coronavirus is a convenient excuse, a pretext, a smokescreen that was supposed to hide the deep contradictions which had accumulated over the years. When the smoke clears, we will realize that we have been involved in one of the biggest manipulations of the 21st century." This was commented by the sociologist and BSP for Bulgaria MP Ivo Hristov before the BNR. According to him, "the so-called globalization has obviously come to an end and we are clearly moving towards the fragmentation of large geopolitical and geo-economic blocs." "We will witness something like local globalization. The unipolar American order is over," he emphasized.


Prof. Hristov predicts an escalation of US-China relations. "This tension has been increasing over the last 15 years. China, as it is, is the product of an American geopolitical decision taken more than 45-50 years ago. This decision was made by certain elites inside the US establishment and part of the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. The goal was clear enough - to inflate China to be used against the Soviet Union. Well, China was pumped up. The problem is that the dragon escaped and Frankenstein began to challenge the leadership of its creator. An anti-Chinese press has started on any line and it will continue to increase. Investment in the Chinese economy must be curtailed and much of the production must be withdrawn. China needs to be turned into a world pariah. For this purpose, the coronavirus has played an extremely useful role,” the professor explained.


According to Ivo Hristov, we do not have crisis management in our country. "The societies that have successfully dealt with the crisis are Central European countries - Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, including Sweden. Things were done there reasonably, calmly and competently ... We know neither the number of infected nor the real disease some people died from.  There is a lie, a bigger lie, the biggest lie, statistics. When you have unclear or incorrect similar data, you will have the wrong answers even with the right algorithm. This is the first rule in social science and logic, "he said.


Prof. Hristov pointed out that governments have used the coronavirus to work out the techniques they expected in due time - electronic monitoring, electronic eavesdropping, information control, social manipulation and population control. "This will be the world in the 21st century, unfortunately," the sociologist stressed.


Prof. Ivo Hristov also stressed that we are currently covering another peak of the epidemic, and at the same time there is liberalization of the measures. "If these measures are the reaction and the solution to the problem, then the problem is exacerbated and they are mitigated. So there is no logic. Therefore, completely different effects are sought for," he added.

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