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Prof. Ivaylo Dichev: GERB and the Patriots Will Pay through the Nose in the Elections

Boyko Borisov is desperately trying to distance himself from what is happening. The power is now very much like the communist one. This was said to BNR by the cultural anthropologist and university lecturer Prof. Ivaylo Dichev.


"A merger of big business with all political power, a judiciary,  the prosecutor's office in particular,  that arrests before deciding what exactly to accuse people of and media that manipulate and lie. Violence is added to this. Step by step it becomes more visible and more brutal ", commented Prof. Dichev.


"The GERB conference was completely overshadowed by these fights organized by their supporters over people and journalists. And now they have broken the tent blockade. An association with the past – then various groups of outraged workers wrote letters. The “Rabotnichesko delo” was constantly publishing such letters in which readers wanted to condemn the enemies of the people. Here again we see this justification (citizens referred to the prosecutor's office raising their voice against the blockades - ed. note). But the violence is increasing step by step. The protests started with the absolutely meaningless and stupid beatings of two boys," he added.


According to Prof. Dichev, the Prime Minister is trying to stand aside from what is happening. "This brutal man Valeri Simeonov,  who relies on such violent people, has been put forward. Borissov is trying, if possible, to stay behind. Even his very idea of ​​forming a government without his own participation is also in this direction. I don't know if he will succeed," Prof. Dichev said.


He pointed out that elections are coming - early or not, in which this will be paid through the nose. By both GERB and the so-called Patriots who, according to him, will be out of sight forever.


Prof. Dichev believes that such a civil clash is a war of nerves and a contest for the public opinion. "The moment they beat someone on the street or arrest them, they lose public trust, they lose support. And vice versa - when the protesters do something aggressive, when, for example, they poured water on this elderly lady with the cane. That is, it is a race in which the one who is weaker, the one who is the victim, wins. It is absolutely indisputable that today's action will be a downside for the government, "he stressed.


Prof. Ivaylo Dichev stressed that Boyko Borissov’s strength lies in populism. "He is trying to retreat so that he can balance some forces in society. He pretends to be weak to be strong. So far, he has managed to play this game for 10 years. He has succeeded in presenting himself as a man who gives in, who listens to people. We are witnessing now that he is trying to shift all the responsibility to some other force. We will find out later what it is, "the professor concluded.

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