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Prof. Hristina Vucheva Is Convinced It Is Time the Tax System Changes Were Implemented

Maybe it's really time, (it is even a little late), we considered a proposal to find the best solutions for tax system changes. Reducing the rates of indirect tax, of VAT is an unconventional solution. This was commented by the financial expert Prof. Hristina Vucheva, former Deputy Prime Minister.

According to her, this decision was made quickly - "without considering all possible outcomes of the situation."


Prof. Vucheva also commented on the allegations of a cartel agreement between the gas stations. “It is true that there have been many abuses of taxes and excise duties related to the sale of oil ... Not a single measure has been completed there… I do not think that the idea of ​​a state-owned oil company will work because it was insufficiently substantiated. "Creating a state-owned company at a time when the market is going down is not very sensible," she told the national radio.


According to the financial expert, the prime minister should insist on a very clear account, which shows what exactly will be done.

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