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Prof. Dimitar Yonchev: The Lack of Political Culture and Education Affects Security

"The lack of political culture and human upbringing affects security." Prof. Dimitar Yonchev - an expert on national security, commented on the bedroom photos of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. According to him, there is a standard procedure when such materials appear - independent expertise is undertaken, the reliability of the documents is assessed, etc.

"Everyone’s attempts to exercise on such an event show a lack of political culture. Our politicians have been elected to implement their programs and not to prove who is corrupt - there are the appropriate technical means for that reason", the expert was categorical.


Prof. Yonchev commented that there has always been tension between "Dondukov" 1 and "Dondukov" 2, regardless of who governs them at the moment, but to some extent it is healthy. "But when it becomes a basic principle of presence, it's a mistake and it affects security again," he said.


According to the expert, Bulgaria does not possess a mature enough political culture to have a parliamentary form of government. However, he clarified he does not support another form of government, except for the parliamentary one. In his words, it turned out that the executive branch is the strongest power in the country.


“There is this tension between Dondukov 1 and Dondukov 2 because the president is a representative figure with no executive power. This tension will continue, because if the parliament blindly carries out the will of the executive power there is nearly no reason of its presence. And it's not happening just now," said the national security expert. Prof. Dimitar Yonchev explained that this is not a personal problem, i.e. it does not depend on the people holding the posts of prime minister and president,  it is a problem of political culture.


"Democratic behaviour is a public theater which demands respect for the rules. Just because you feel strong right now doesn't mean you have to shout "Yaba-daba-duu" and not give a damn. Respect allows one to distinguish a political aristocracy from people who have come to power by chance," Dimitar Yonchev stressed.


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