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Prof. Alexander Marinov: Borissov Knows Where the Blows Are Coming from but He Cannot Say It in Public

"BG state governance and the model of its implementation are in an unprecedented crisis, since such things happen and such explanations are given." Prof. Alexander Marinov - Chairman of the Strategic Council under the President, commented on the briefing of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the ruling party GERB initiated after the scandalous recording and photos had leaked on the social networks.


According to him, any such fact requires the utmost attention, because "it presents an attack not only against a person but against the institutions."

He was adamant that "the problem does not lie in the relationship between the institutions,  it expresses the inner situation of some institutions and the model of government in general." He believes that both the recording and the photos should be examined to clarify their authenticity.


According to Prof. Marinov, the Prime Minister is aware of where the blows and threats are coming from but he cannot reveal it publicly.


Prof. Alexander Marinov commented that GERB had changed its tactics since yesterday when the president was laid the blame on as "the main culprit and the biggest threat" while today GERB is talking about very specific assumptions concerning a person from the closest circle of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov: "It is true, it goes about the former close environment," he said.


Prof. Marinov suggested that this was a conflict in a very small circle of people who had been ruling the country. "Apart from construction decisions, they have taken other ones that are a source of conflict in this small coterie," he said. He expressed his suspicions that it was no accident Tsvetan Tsvetanov left the GERB party exactly on the day the compromising photos were published.

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