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Politics is full of plain, impudent, loud-mouth, hysterical, primitive and close-minded women - ignorant, but pretentiously showing their underpants

This is what Rositsa Bakalova wrote on Facebook:


- A woman gets ridiculed and embarrassed in politics much easier. Because certain qualities are needed there to be respected. I have been writing for 12 years that the servile mentality, the vulgar quacking, the level of the GERB women "cooking compote and chutney" is offensive to every honorable woman and honorable man. Compote and chutney are metaphors.


GERBers are full of this type of women - simple, impudent, squeamish, hysterical, primitive, limited, pretentious upstarts, eagerly showing their underpants. There are similar ones in other political parties, because it has become fashionable to invite female beings with the above characteristics. Party sex benefits from this. And the electorate is thrilled that their incompetent daughters, who graduated with 3.45 grade average, could become a BIG DEAL one day if they play their cards right.



So in an instant we have became a population without panties, boiling compote and frying chutney with a raised skirt. Because there are too many willing men at this crossroads. And we have chosen survival. But what will survive anyway?!

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