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Politicians Are the Real Oligarchs in Bulgaria, Radan Kanev Says

In Bulgaria the political figures are  the oligarchs are, not those "nesting  dolls",  presented to us as such who are, however, helpless when the state hits them. This was stated by the MEP from "Democratic Bulgaria" Radan Kanev. He believes that the attack against them aims at grabbing their money, not introducing a new model of behavior in the country.


The allocation of the European Commission funds to deal with the crisis after COVID-19, will enable Bulgaria for the first time to modernize its economy, the MEP told BTV. But there were doubts both in Europe and in our country about whether this money would be distributed among the taxpayers who really need it or it will be used for other purposes.


According to Kanev there is no real political dialogue in the country, and the interests of the ruling parties do not coincide with the interests of the citizens.


"Real, successful reforms need funding. They need fuel." And for the first time in Bulgarian history, believe me - since the Liberation, Bulgaria has such an opportunity. The opportunity to make changes in a 3-4-year period that will affect generations of Bulgarian citizens, so that we abandon the mentality of a social-economic queuer, "he stressed.


"It is a humiliation for each and every Bulgarian to be ruled by GERB, to have the BSP as the only alternative and Dogan to hold all the power, but such is the situation at the moment," Radan Kanev added.


Asked whether Europe's monitoring of Bulgaria's judicial system continues, he said it has not been stopped, but it is "in a frozen state", with no new reports provided for.

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