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Parvan Simeonov: This Protest Is a Revolt of the Smart against the Dumb

"The government must bear in mind that two processes have gained momentum - generational and civilizational." "The protest's query to radicalize will show whether it is lively enough to do more than an artistic action and not become a routine…The protesting young people are expressing their culture shock at the way the BG government looks. This protest is an aesthetic rebellion and resembles a revolt of the smart against the stupid, with apologies.

This was emphasized to the Bulgarian National Radio by the sociologist Parvan Simeonov, executive director of Gallup International. In his words the first reading of the protest is that it is the result of an inflamed mass consciousness of the middle class, which has got angry, it is a protest of small and medium-sized businesses which can no longer tolerate this model.

"The second reading is that this is a protest formed around party nuclei, too mass-booming in Sofia with the specific hipster subcultural community but not in line with the general public mood. The government is aware of the fact that there is no external factor that wants to overthrow the government, secondly, there have been no effects of a severe economic crisis yet, third,  as if there was no political situation, it was not what society thinks. We will see which one is present in the coming days. "


Simeonov added: "You can see how GERB is trying to be at the forefront of the anti-MRF wave. GERB authorities are good at trying to surf the wave over themselves. It is convenient for the MRF itself to be a counterpoint because that is how the Movement tightens its electorate”.


According to him, the general impression is that many people will try to fish tactically in troubled water. "The government will be wrong if it thinks that this is just a party phenomenon and a war of nerves that can be won. Probably the government can win this game. However, it must take into account that two processes have gained momentum - generational and civilizational. A dialogue with this stratum should be found. The second process shows that GERB has already been worn out after 10 years of ruling."

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