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Parvan Simeonov: The Protest’s Cemented Borisov

"The protest’s nailed Boyko Borisov. It's paradoxical, but he's so backed in the corner that he can't get to the door." This was stated by the political scientist and executive director of Gallup International Parvan Simeonov to bTV.


"Borisov wonders where he got it from. He thought that 2020 would be a standing ovation for him, especially since he had a high situational rating from the coronavirus crisis, "Simeonov said.


According to him, on 6 September we heard three messages. The first is the president's one - to unite against the "gang", the second one is Borissov's - for unification in general: "let's not divide the nation", Karakachanov, on the other hand, said "the unification means for you both to sit down and work it out."


"All three messages are true. What worries me the most is that two small groups of followers are forming and they listen to and believe in themselves only while during that time, the unbiased audience will begin to look away," the political scientist said. The public sympathizes with the protest, but that could change”, he warned.


Simeonov noted that he supports the radicalization of the protest, but in such a situation it is always important how high radicalization could go, because, after September 2, the other people who support the protests say to themselves "we don't want that much."


According to the expert, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is waiting for the protest to get "exhausted, divided into parties and belittled", and this is quite possible. "This is already happening, the protest is looking more and more like an election campaign," the Gallup chief explained.


Radev is also in a strong position and can "fuel" civil discontent, the political scientist believes.


Sociologist Mira Radeva stressed that the Prime Minister had made many mistakes. His behavior to drive around in the jeep and talk about the achievements of the government while he is asked to resign was described as inappropriate by her. "I've met a lot of people lately, everyone was asking - what do you think's going to happen next?"  This is what Borisov must respond to”, Radeva said.

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