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Over a Hundred Bulgarian Intellectuals: Immediate Resignation of Borisov and Geshev

In an open letter, 123 Bulgarian intellectuals demanded the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the government, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, National Assembly Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva, Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media Vezhdi Rashidov, and the Director General of BNT Emil Koshlukov.

Here is the full text of the letter:


We, the undersigned, by supporting freely protesting citizens and not certain political formations, stand against:

the model "Borisov-Dogan-Peevski" and the related corruption, which has led to the plundering of valuable public resources and a severe crisis of trust in society;

the numerous corruption scandals involving senior civil servants that have made respected world media  define our country as the "Mafia State";

the behind-the-scenes manipulation of access to European funds in the suppression of competitiveness;

the years of ridicule with parliamentarianism that has turned the National Assembly into a prime minister's add-up;

the diverting initiative to convene a Supreme National Assembly and  playing with the issue of the Constitution in order to gain time and manipulate public opinion;

the urgent changes to the electoral code at the end of the mandate as an indication of control over the forthcoming vote;

the refusal to reform the Prosecutor’s Office despite civil will and international pressure in solidarity with it;

the use of the prosecution as a means of arbitrary private justice between the government and its opponents;

the attempts to conquer the court and place the judiciary in complete dependence;

the double standards and ostentatious operations instead of systematic and effective actions in the fight against corruption;

the police arbitrariness against peacefully protesting citizens and journalists and the lack of an impartial investigation into the excesses of the protests on 2 September 2020;

the manipulative disclosure of the facts of the anti-government protest, which has been going on for more than 80 days;

the deterioration of the media environment in Bulgaria, which,  in terms of "freedom of speech",  has led us to the bottom in the EC and the permanent presence of Bulgaria in 111th place for the third consecutive year in the ranking of "Reporters Without Borders";

the lack of effective reform of the health system;

the ineffective actions for the improvement of the educational system in the presence of a catastrophic decline in the functional literacy of the Bulgarian students, giving  us the last place in the EU according to this criterion;

the reckless plundering of public natural resources: forests, waters, beaches, biodiversity, reserves;

the cementing of the Black Sea coast and the short-sighted tourism policy;

the destruction of  the authenticity of the Bulgarian cultural heritage by "building" dummy historical "monuments" in order to absorb European funds at the expense of the decline of real cultural values and the degradation of historical centers;

the unbalanced state culture policy leading to favoring kitsch and mediocrity at all levels at the expense of in-depth creative searches.

We demand the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his government, the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, the Director General of BNT Emil Koslukov, the Chairman of the Culture Committee of the National Assembly Vezhdi Rashidov and the President of the National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva.

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