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Old wives’ tales about organised crime groups

New peak in the fight against organized crime. The eldest woman, held criminally liable, was convicted of drug trafficking. It is true the verdict of one year deprivation of liberty with three years probation  is not much. But one other member and head of the organized crime group (OCG), the grandson of 78-year-old Tsvetanka Chavkarska, was sentenced to 4 years in prison in first instance procedure. Apart  from ‘grandmother  plus grandchild’, two other members of the "gang" accepted agreements  of 3 years each.

Thus, our specialized criminal justice has outstripped the case against Valio Toplotto's mother - Tsetsa Dimitrova, who passed away at 86 as a money laundering defendant. Defendant but not convicted, with millions of overseas accounts - undetected. As usual, we are making progress in the area of ​​justice with delusion.

With a population of 45 million, Spanish authorities has counted some 40 organized crime groups (OCGs). In our country they are more than 1000. If you want to know their exact number, you will have to meet Mathematics Prof. Mikhail  Konstantinov  of “Information Services”, who will count them for you after the data in the court records system has been fully processed. According to our law, every three bummers who try to make easy money by cutting down several doses of low-grade drugs  form an OPG with a boss on top. In the case mentioned, the boss is the grandchild of the grandmother.

As a former chief of the special prosecutor's office admitted once, "It’s our name only, which is specialized." The bonuses, however, are tangible, the reporting cases - thousands and the real OCGs - untouchable. Especially the most organized OCG which has conquered the state. Well, there will be some oligarch present, just for a change, that is- an assigned businessman – disobedient and needless. And we are left waiting for the moment when we will at least become Spain in the Balkans.

In the meantime, the governing fellowship "goes on and on." After reporting  for  the new posts of Geshev and Tsatsarov as if telling fairy tales, the president offers more of the same - consultations on constitutional changes. These changes are such an exciting topic for the Supreme Judicial Council that at its last year's session, the government of the judiciary system has awarded  itself with a holiday of more than a month.

Our ruling body has bragged its commitment to “bulgarise” the recommendations of the Venice Commission against the Attorney General's inviolability. The opposition, presented by BSP, mutely slipped a bill introducing  judicial review  over prosecutor's waiver of justice. For which it fell shyly speechless.

Therefore, monitoring should be dropped. All recommendations have been fulfilled. And they even began to outperform them starting with grannies and their grandchildren.

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