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Nikolay Vassilev: The Government Is Proposing a Hotchpotch of Measures

"If splurge is allowed, the tension will decrease. This has a certain political reason… There are positives and negatives. The downside is that this is a hotchpotch of many measures with no connection between them.  It is handing out something to everyone. Most of the costs concern the social sphere which is not good. Among the positives is that a new debt is not being planned." Nikolay Vassilev, former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Economy, commented on this to BNR. According to him, the request to increase pensions is wrong.


"The minimum pension has doubled in a few years. This year we have witnessed the biggest recession since 1996. When the economy shrinks many people lose their jobs or their incomes fall so it is unfair to some 5 million non-pensioners to increase pensions only," he explained his position.


"I don’t feel happy with the whole social distribution." A negative measure would be to extend the period of unemployment benefits, as well as increase their amount per day. When unemployment benefits are too generous two consequences appear - the people’s incentive to look for work disappears and many people work illegally and pretend to be unemployed," Vassilev added.


Nikolay Vassilev pointed out the support of the people on the first line in the fight against the coronavirus among the positive measures.

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