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Nikolay Hadjigenov: Borisov Is A Master of Political, Medical and Religious Scam of All Kinds

The virus and corpses are like the billions of smuggling before the state of emergency: all have heard of them from Comrade Borisov, but no one has seen them

If we keep waiting  for starvation to take us onto the streets, it will take another 2-3 months of emergency  and the cruiser “Aurora” riot will not hold a candle. A national strike is possible, especially in the current situation: get out, grab a book or newspaper and sit down in front of the City hall or the Council of Ministers. Nothing else is needed. This is legal. You can’t be beaten. If it becomes massive for a day, there is no government that can hold on to power on the second or the third day. We will be free without having to starve. The government is purposefully at war with Bulgarian citizens. This was stated in a video interview with the lawyer Nikolay Hadjigenov with the “Banker Studio”. 


In the interview, the lawyer Hadjigenov also said:


Borisov cannot come out as a savior. With his shallow political thinking, which is rather an instinct, he believes he is rescuing us from the virus. He is the king of all kinds of political, medical and religious fraud. But Tzvetanov is no longer here to pick and choose data, and the truth is obvious to all. People are furious, even the most frightened. They do not have a Maybach or a Bentley for sale.


A new constitution and civic representation in power are mandatory.


What's so hard about buying parties? In Bulgaria they are one-man companies - you buy the leaders and the parties are yours. In order to buy the citizens, they have to sell themselves.


The government found amusement for the people by attacking the "bad" oligarchs, but “their” oligarchs have remained immune. Domuschiev is a good example. Formally he bought Nova TV, but judging by what is happening, he is just the outer  shell, most likely it is the media tycoon Peevski, who is the real player behind the deal.


As for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's office,  they are  times worse than they were under socialism. We go backwards and constantly comment that our bottom has no end at all.

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