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Most Bulgarian Media Are Horns of the Authorities

The establishment of an extraordinary European fund to support the media will not save our media from addictions. Most of them are propaganda mouthpieces of the government, the MEP Ivo Hristov commented to "The BANKER".


"More money means more propaganda. In our country, even the advertising market does not depend on the ratings, attendance and circulation of the media. Advertising flows are also distributed by the government. Let alone the European money which is officially allocated by the government.


The European institutions do not have a  specially dedicated budget to support the media. I do not think that the union is particularly interested in media independence, since it has not intervened in Bulgaria where the main television stations have unclear ownership and journalistic standards have been long dead.


The flow of fake news and insufficient freedom of speech, according to the MEP, are part of the same problem, caused by the collapse of professional standards for information reliability and the abdication of the journalistic guild from the mission to inform and analyze the news.


If journalists upheld their mission, they would not spread false news, nor would they conceal the truth. On the contrary, they would enjoy the freedom of expression that they have not been denied yet by law.


Alas, media owners have long been nurtured by the government and journalists, with rare exceptions, have given up their vocation to seek the truth.

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