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Milen Keremedchiev: Germany Puts More Pressure on Bulgaria than on North Macedonia

"I do not think that Bulgaria is to blame for what is happening at the moment in the bilateral negotiations, as they are based on the Good Neighbor Treaty, which has been very long discussed and accepted by both sides, and also ratified by the Bulgarian Parliament." This was commented by Milen Keremedchiev, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economy, in relation to the fact that Bulgaria cannot still support North Macedonia's negotiating framework for accession to the European Union, as revealed yesterday in a statement by Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva.

"That is, from the very beginning, some red lines were laid down in this treaty that could not be crossed and if they were crossed, Bulgaria, respectively, would have no reason to believe that this treaty was respected and to accordingly  support the Republic of North Macedonia on its way to the EU," Keremedchiev said.

In his words, we are talking about an imaginary date for the full membership of North Macedonia in the EU in the face of serious euro-scepticism in terms of EU enlargement (including France).

"There is something else – huge efforts are being made to change the status quo in the Balkans and the leader of these efforts is Russia, which through its Trojan horse Serbia is trying to destabilize the political situation in certain countries. This worked some time ago in Montenegro, which was on the verge of entering The NATO," Keremedchiev said.

He also said that we rely on Germany to resolve the bone of contention but in fact Germany is not trying to resolve the case bilaterally, as it puts more pressure on Bulgaria than on North Macedonia.

"Germany is currently president of the EU and should be leading the negotiations with the Balkan countries de jure, because it is not just about North Macedonia, it is also about Albania.

Angela Merkel may want her swan song to be a big blow in terms of solving serious European problems such as the EU budget, the Covid-19 fund and EU enlargement," the diplomat said.

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