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Mihail Ekimdzhiev: Plamen Uzunov's Inspection Is a “To Be Continued” of The President's Recordings

It became clear on Friday that the specialized prosecutor's office is checking President's Secretary Plamen Uzunov for trading in influence.

The investigation is related to the pre-trial proceedings against Plamen Bobokov, accused of the garbage affair. "This is a disgusting sequel to this soap opera, which has been raging since the prosecutor's office released – in an unregulated and, in my opinion, criminal manner - other recordings of President Radev with his former colleague - the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force," said lawyer Mikhail Ekimdzhiev. "I claim that the prosecutor's office committed a crime then," said the lawyer and added that this was a bad example. He stressed that we have already been placed in a ridiculous scenario, where no one knows who is who, "this is a film in which there are no good characters" and "so far only the prosecutor's office says who is a criminal with aplomb."


As for the text messages circulated by the prosecutor's office between Plamen Bobokov and Plamen Uzunov, the lawyer believes that the data are too scarce and that this is a crime to be proved with great difficulty and with a complex composition, Ekimdzhiev noted. "Based on what is shown, illegally again, the conclusion that criminal responsibility of Magistrate Nikolov should be sought cannot be made,” the lawyer believes.


According to the human rights lawyer, the alleged records, leaked in the public domain of Prime Minister Borissov are real because of their "unimaginability". "A scriptwriter always strives to build a scenario which is plausible", such a thing is missing here, says Ekimdzhiev.


"Bozhkov's allegations regarding his relationship with the authorities must be verified, as there are numerous cases when, thanks to “insiders” great revelations about the mafia and organized crime have been made”, the lawyer concluded.

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