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Metodi Lalov: "The Coalition of the Feast" in SMC Works on the "GERB" Pattern

There are people in Sofia Municipality who collect BGN 4,000 per month for 9 hours of work per year


We have witnessed a constitutional crisis for years, a crisis in which the social contract has been destroyed and the institutions serve the backstage guys - Dogan and Peevski, Borisov does not serve the people, Geshev is a baseball bat.

Power can be overthrown by protests, but power is taken by election. This was stated in a video interview for The Banker Studio by the former chairman of the Sofia District Court Metodi Lalov, a municipal councilor in SMC from Democratic Bulgaria.


In the interview Metodi Lalov also said:


We have established three structures in Sofia Municipality where municipal councilors have been distributed over BGN 48,000 per year for about 9 hours of work per annum!


Probably everyone remembers that memorable deal in which a municipal property was sold for 2.15 million to a private company and bought back for 6.37 million without any changes to it. We are about to announce more serious scams.


Otherwise, many constructions have been are done: the subway is leaking, the boulevards are wavy,  the sidewalks are falling apart. This is the case when you pay 100 units,  60 of which are stolen.


The position of the prosecutor's office is not in the judiciary but in the executive branch, when the government is ousted, the Geshevs should go with it. And vice versa.


There are several norms in the constitution and the law on the judiciary on the basis of which the Prosecutor General could be held accountable - for having a double standard, for doing political actions and talking, for spreading an umbrella over people like Pepi the Euro.


It can be seen that justice has long been shifted to the media. The accused cannot be humiliated in public,  information from his personal life cannot be published.


We should not underestimate the people. There are highly trained men and women in the circles of "Democratic Bulgaria", which is hardly a vice.

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