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MEP to Vera Jourová: You Are Either Completely Incompetent or Under Borissov’s Command

You are either completely incompetent or completely subordinate to Borissov. With these words Irish MEP Claire Daly from the Group of the European United Left/Northern Green Left commented on the assessment made by EU Commissioner Věra Jourová of the state of the rule of law in Bulgaria:


I was a little shocked by your tone, it contradicts the realities in Bulgaria. The Commission considers that Bulgaria's progress has been good over the last 13 years. My conclusion would be that you are either completely incompetent or highly dependent on Borisov.

Hungary and Poland are at the heart of our attention and we are putting aside the problems of the poorest and most corrupt country in the European Union. We see what Geshev is doing,he says who should be prosecuted, turning his back on signals of money laundering and so on in Spain.


People are subject to harsh measures by the police and sprayed with pepper spray. Last year we protested that the racketeering, which was reported in Sunny Beach, was ignored. Also problems related to the management of residential properties, interruption of access to electricity, etc.

Geshev and others must be watching today's meeting– Geshev, who refused to appear before this committee. We have a mechanism for cooperation and verification. You said he shouldn't be ousted some time ago, but now it seems you're hesitating. People on the streets of Sofia want to know if you will insist on the strict application of the mechanism. European money creates opportunities for certain individuals to get highly corrupt. However, the Commission fails to act which amounts to complicity.

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