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Maya Manolova: Borisov Has Sacrificed the HQ Due to the Economic Collapse in the Country

The termination of the National Headquarters briefings, announced today by the head of the government's press office, not by General. Mutafchiyski in person, is a sign for the intention of BG Government to transfer responsibility for the economic situation in the country to the National Operational Headquarters. This was stated by the Chairman of the civic platform "Stand Upright BG" Maya Manolova in her position on Facebook. She adds that the sacrifice of the Operations Headquarters and of Gen. Mutafchiyski, who took the brunt of managing the epidemiological crisis in BG, will not stop the economic crisis or provide jobs for the nearly 300,000 Bulgarians who have lost theirs.


"Mr. Borisov, was it on your orders that Gen. Mutafchiyski was removed from the briefing of the Operations Headquarters today?” asks Manolova. The former Ombudsman asked whether Gen. Mutafchiyski was fired from his post as chairman of the Operations Headquarters as well as why didn’t he himself announce the cessation of briefings but the PM's PR herself.  


"Thus, the PM shifts responsibility for the state of the epidemiological situation in the country to the HQ, but tries to absolve himself from the responsibility for the economic collapse in BG as a result of the coronavirus epidemic," Manolova is adamant. She stressed that it was not the Operational Headquarters that introduced the state of emergency, it was not the HQ that is politically responsible for stability and budget implementation or for the increasing unemployment by 45% over the 45 days of the epidemic.


"Today's briefing and the announcement of suspending HQ’s regular information to the public is a gross censorship, PM Borisov is personally responsible for," Manolova added.


The chairman of Stand Upright BG asks when the government will announce an economic plan to overcome the crisis, measures to tackle the unemployment epidemic and effective support, not credits, for the Bulgarian business, which is the backbone of the economy. "When will the government introduce daily regular information on the economic situation in the country?" Manolova asked.

She adds that for none of these strategic goals, the Prime Minister has so far announced any adequate and publicly approved decisions. "And it is not the HQ that is to blame, but Prime Minister Borisov's personal fear of proposing measures that will guarantee the economic stability and prosperity of the people," Manolova points out.


We – Stand Upright BG strongly object to the cynical political use of the Operations Headquarters aiming at GERB party accounts remedy and those of the Prime Minister Borisov, Maya Manolova ends.

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