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Lyubomir Alamanov: The Agenda Hasn’t Been so Brazenly Substituted for 30 Years

The people in the square want a basic thing - they want their voice to be heard. At the moment, however, the main communication between the mass audience and the authorities is being disrupted and the topic of the conversation purposefully replaced. This is the opinion of the PR specialist Lyubomir Alamanov, who commented on the protests against the government to the Bulgarian National Radio.

"The general public says - why don't you investigate corruption deals. The ruling party says - well, we're drafting a new Constitution. People say - we don't want a new Constitution, we want you to say why millions are being handed out without procurement. The authorities say - well, well, we are writing a new Constitution. There is a standard answer to everything people say that has nothing to do with the subject. The topic of the whole conversation is being purposefully changed ", the PR specialist emphasized. In his words, any lack of communication creates crises, and the current crisis and tensions are deepening.


"How much money can the authorities take?" Is it so important to them to place us back to the Middle Ages? What is the next topic they will choose – to hold a referendum on whether to bring back slavery, to hold a referendum on whether women are humans and whether they have the right to vote? After the Constitution is written, there's nothing else to come up with. Will an Ecumenical Council be convened and will we write a new Bible? There has not been such a brazen change of the agenda for the last 30 years ", Lyubomir Alamanov thinks.


"The very change of conversation, the waving of the red flag of a Constitution and the purposeful talking about it, while many other things are being done in the backstage, this is a fact and unfortunately it works, but it breaks the democratic foundations," he added


"And even if people don't come out today, the problem is not solved, the problem is swept under the rug," Alamanov said.


The communication process is disrupted, people are pitted against each other and the people who have ruled us for the last ten years are to blame for this, the communications expert added.


"They gradually brought back our society, which had moved, albeit with timid, slow steps towards normalization to some 15-20-30 years ago, when the situation was radically different," he said. According to Alamanov, the protesters should not give up because of the provocations, ultras and elements who tried to steal part of the protest. The PR specialist admitted he felt confused by all the messages he heard on the political stage.


"We have heard rulers say - we are "for" unification, we want to hear every single opinion and in the next minute they get up, leave and do not listen to the president's address. Do they want to hear every single opinion or do they want to make political demonstrations? /… /


We are witnessing an alleged opposition in the person of Mr. Mareshki, who constantly claims that he is the real opposition and literally an hour after a concession was voted on a famous beach in Varna, he suddenly gave his support for the ruling party. We have been placed in some schizophrenic situation where we are not sure what we are listening to," the PR expert concluded.

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