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Lozan Panov Is Wondering Why Mitalov Will Be Fired

Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) President Lozan Panov has sent letters to the Prosecutor General and to the Commission for Combating Corruption and Forfeiture of Illicitly Acquired Property (CCCFIAP), that he expects information from them regarding the US Secretary of State's statement. The names of Judge Andon Mitalov, his wife and his daughter were listed by the United States as the first Bulgarians to be banned from entering the country.

"I would like to remind you that by outgoing letter No. I-169 / 02/06/2020 (Your entry no. CZ 01-2225 / 06/02/2020)  I asked you to inform me whether signals and / or complaints were received against Judge Andon Mitalov of the Specialized Criminal Court with details of illegal activity and whether checks were carried out against him on that occasion. ", the letter said.

"Justice Minister Danail Kirilov's proposal to dismiss Judge Andon Mitalov contains incompleteness and ambiguity. The request does not clarify how the judge's actions have impaired the prestige of the institution and violated his official duties, "commented Lozan Panov.

The SCC also received a letter from the Supreme Judicial Council Inspectorate. It confirms information published a few days ago that there are no grounds for initiating examination against the judge. There have been no violations in  the way the proceedings were led  which allowed Nikolai Malinov to travel to Russia.

"It has been often asked why there are no corruption sentences in Bulgaria. To have such, there must be a case, indictment, pre-trial litigation. When the word corruption is used, it means that someone must have obtained a benefit, this implies a criminal case and so far no one has stated that there is any, "said Panov.

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