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Ivan Kostov Expressed His Support for the Protests against the Cabinet and the Prosecutor General

Former Prime Minister Ivan Kostov has voiced his support for the protesters who are demanding the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor.


"I am among the majority of Bulgarian citizens, that can be rarely said for me, who support the protest," Kostov told “Free Europe”.


Ivan Kostov also said that there is a health and economic crisis in Bulgaria, to which political and judicial ones are added. The former prime minister assessed the political chances of the exiled businessman Vasil Bozhkov as “poor” and explained why he did not trust President Rumen Radev.


Bulgaria needs a radical reform of the judiciary, Kostov added. According to him, the protests can meet their demands but the demonstrators must beware possible oligarchic influence.


"But the fact that I support the protest does not mean I haven’t seen what kind of attempt is being made, so I warn people to be careful. An attempt is being made to seize the protest. A pathetic attempt. Because it is really a pity that someone who has made hundreds of millions of people's weaknesses that gambling is based on, has turned around, trying to form a party and send political messages. I would use very strong words if I continued, they would all be too negative and I do not want to do that," he warned.


In his words, the media are obviously not free, since the rankings for freedom of speech place us at 111th place. The judiciary needs reform. In this sense, it does not work well.


The former prime minister distrusts President Rumen Radev. "My distrust of him was formed out of the revelations regarding the way he was nominated, which he never denied. I am talking about the intervention of the former Russian spy Reshetnikov. My distrust has also deepened after Rumen Radev accepted 90% of the Kremlin's theses on all controversial issues with the EU and NATO during the presidential election campaign. "My distrust is also based on his humiliating behaviour in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin," Ivan Kostov added.

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