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Ivan Kostov: Every Ruler Should Know He Cannot Leave the State in Captivity

Former Prime Minister Ivan Kostov (1997-2001) predicts a highly probable political crisis before regular elections.  According to him there will be a combination of a health crisis and hospitals’ inability to accept clinically ill patients, economic crisis and dangerously low confidence in the government.


"Hard-hit and frightened people will come in the streets. In this respect, the current government will be in a worse position than a caretaker government. The task of the interim government is to hold fair elections in time, not to deal with the health and economic crisis without the support of the parliament. At the same time, it will dispose of the same financial resources and programs to alleviate crises as the current government," Kostov told BNR.


In his words, the political crisis may continue after the elections, given the expected composition of the parties in the National Assembly.


"Every protest brings about a change, it achieves something because it is a civil one. It will be good to come to the following change -every following ruler should know he cannot leave our country captive as it is now," the ex-PM pointed out.


He is adamant there is currently no political crisis in the strictly scientific sense of the word, i.e. the government resigns, parliament can no longer perform its functions and is dissolved in order to hold elections.


Kostov stressed the fundamental role each economic crisis plays -"it periodically tests companies and firms and bankrupts the uncompetitive."


"The fundamental role of the global crisis is much stronger. Professions will disappear, industries will be deeply reduced. Shall we support something whose services or goods will be of no demand in the next many years? This is wrong. Secondly, it is extremely wrong to support industries with the idea of ​​offsetting falling consumer demand. The government does not have the means to offset declining consumer demand, for example in the tourism sector," the former prime minister said.



In Kostov’s opinion "there is a lot of unfinished work in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and in the Ministry of Health" in terms of overcoming the crisis.


"I am critical of the whole government, of the National Operational Headquarters," he said, adding that the Chief Sanitary Health Inspector and Deputy Chairman of the National Operational Headquarters Angel Kunchev must resign having said that he did not know how our country would meet the next wave of coronavirus.

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