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It Will Make a Very Interesting Story If Laura Kovesi Offers Vasil Bozhkov a Protected Witness Status

"When it comes to scam Bulgarian senior government officials are very quick getting adapted to it, so there is no need to invite them." No matter how ridiculous Vasil Bozhkov’s words are, there is enough material to start pre-trial proceedings. Another question is whether Bulgaria wants this to happen. I think not". This was said to BNR by Metodi Andreev, former MP and former chairman of the dossier commission.


It goes about exact characters and Bozhkov's statements are a kind of testimony: "If the new European prosecutor Laura Koveshi is referred to and Vasil Bozhkov is offered a protected witness status, it will be very fascinating. This is a possible development. "


In the "12 + 3" Andreev added: "Exactly this type of elite should be checked and sanctioned. But I don't believe it will happen. I believe that a new center of financial and political power has emerged and it is absolutely aware that the best defense is the attack. "

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