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It Is Repugnant to Support the Power of Criminals Lest the Worse Come

GERB is a typical communist one-man party. Since it ruled, the merger of the authorities has been drastic: the legislature has been voting obediently like in Zhivkov's time. Borisov himself boasts that the red dictator was his university. It is very strange what an anti-communist he is, having not left the Communist Party, admiring Zhivkov and introducing Stalinist practices. GERB has been the biggest fraud in the last 30 years. The party of the member of the Communist Party houses the most primitive layer of the communist nomenclature – people uneducated but submissive. The same people continue to convince some of us that they are a right-wing, pro-Atlantic and pro-European party.

This was stated in a video interview for "The Banker Studio" by the journalist Daniela Gorcheva, who has been living in the Netherlands for decades.

In the interview, Daniela Gorcheva also said:

It is GERB that is developing the model of Putin's Russia. During his first reign, Borisov signed "South Stream" – something that even BSP did not dare to do. Again, he withdrew border and customs controls from the Bulgarian state border for a private Russian enterprise, which can do there whatever they want - a military base or an intelligence center. The base on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is very useful for Moscow's expansionist interests in the Straits. That's how Boyko Borisov protects us from Russia.

Look at where the old "blue" leaders are: Nadezhda Mihaylova is in Ankara, Edvin Sugarev- in Nis, Filip Dimitrov- in the Constitutional Court, Alexander Yordanov- in the EP. That is how the corrupting power of corrupt governance works.

Geshev attacks independent judges, violates the presumption of innocence and international conventions and metes out justice on air, which is a crime. We won't hear any indictments and convictions, because the court is the only one that's been transparent so far. It's about stealing businesses from people who have refused to pay "nightstand tax."

They put you in custody with no trial and a sentence for a few years, ruining your good name, destroying your business. Then we will all have to pay for the cases brought and won in Strasbourg that. In the Netherlands, it is inconceivable for the media to show a non-convicted person in handcuffs.

The property and other mafias exist because they are protected by the prosecutor's office. The “Eight Dwarfs” case clearly shows this. The tricks also work because of mass ignorance.

Many people do not know to this very day that President Radev has representative power and does not rule, they do not understand that the caretaker government can do nothing but prepare and hold elections. Radev formed an office cabinet in 2017 and no one remembers it to have been a catastrophe.

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