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In Gebrev case, the prosecutor's office turned to be not the master of investigation, but an ordinary maid

Three days ago (December 10), a group of citizens subsisting themselves  as prosecutors decided to drop one of the "accusations" against the newly elected head of  the Commission for Counteracting Corruption (KPKONPI) and former  supreme boss Sotir Tsatsarov. That is, to prove that:

- the Attorney General  has never  protected  Gebrev's poisoners;

- has never led his subordinates to wrap up the investigation in favor of the killers and their "employers";

- never allowed his subordinates to use the PPC so that the (allegedly) unknown owners of the already non-existing offshore company Viafot could receive a Dunarite on a tap.

Judging by the media's reaction, the pen staff at the prosecutor's office can have a sigh of relief and treat themselves for a job well done.

State prosecution bla-bla-isms were either considered  at face value or slightly patronized. Praise was poured in from all over the country, and criticism was neglected  with the help of the standard mantra "Put on the shelf those  Soros-made, grantees, and suckers of the fugitive banker, better known as’’ moustached  Madoff’’ (relating to the owner of the bankrupt KTB Tsvetan Vasilev- ed. note). Therefore, they are paid - to spit tirelessly and indiscriminately! "

A day after the circulation of the prosecutors ' "report” its contents were no longer interesting to anyone  to such an extent that the counterstrike of "EMCO" LTD  exalted three media only. Although the content of the press release, sent to at least 15 mass media is worth the attention, the  time to analyse  it and the action to cross-check it with the Prosecutorial report .

According to this message, the prosecutors ' version of the assassination attempt and what happened after that was built on 11 untruths. Or to put it simply, the state prosecution has spread a bunch of honest lies.

The full text of the  press release can be read in the "Paragraph 22" website  and the answer of "EMCO" LTD is  published  in full light. So we're not going to paraphrase, we're just going to share what strikes us.

1. The timeline of events and the reaction of the so-called authorities

According to the prosecutor's hypothesis, the assault on   Gebrev - father and son, and the director of the Directorate of Production Activity at EMCO OOD – V.T. (look at them- Gebrev’s name  can be spelled in full, but his subordinate’s - only with initials !?) proceeds in three stages:

- on 28 April 2015, Emilian Gebrev was admitted to the MMA;

- on April 29, V.T. was admitted to a hospital unnamed by prosecutors;

- on May 4, 2015, Gebrev's son was also admitted to the MMA.

According to the official hypothesis, " the initial suspicions for all three of them are for stroke, and after blood tests and toxicological analyzes, acute poisoning, resulting from organophosphorus compounds is conducted."

When else in the history of humanity did it happen that three people ended up in a hospital with suspected stroke after a dinner at a table?

Is there any other time in the history of humanity when three people happen to  end up in a hospital with suspected stroke after a dinner at a table? Most likely, the Lord Almighty does not remember such a "personal" and "anatomical" drama to have been enacted.

But  the curious thing is that the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office opened a case for attempted murder on May 1, 2015. That is, four days after Gebrev's admission to the MMA, five days after VT's admission to the "secret" hospital, and three days before Gebrev's son found himself in  the MMA.

The question is "Why?", since there have never been credible results of toxicological tests which dispel the suspicion of mass strokes and put the incident on the track of the international organized crime.

The other cardinal problem emerged in the last 10 days of June 2015, when a Sofia newspaper reported  in a loud voice that the three men had been targets of an assassination attempt by Russian special services. The reason - an arms deal with Ukraine.

Four and a half years later, the prosecution  bragged proudly that it had uncovered something that had become public long ago.

The Sofia Interior Directorate  confirms , though  in a devious way this information, but no result came out of it. According to the PPC, the case should have been directly assigned to either the Special Prosecutor's Office or the National Investigation Service. It should have…

Because on June 4, 2015, the pre-trial proceedings were annulled due to the non-disclosure of the perpetrator. And no one ever bothered to reopen it , despite the publicity of the Russian connection and the cause of the assault. And  looking from different angles does not change the result – it is a pure testimony ... of a criminal breach of trust in plain text. Or we can easily call it a mere renunciation of justice.

2. Finnish expertise - it's nice to have it, it's even better to have it classified.

According to the prosecution's explanations two days ago, from the initiation of the pre-trial proceedings on  May,1st, 2015 to its suspension on  June,4th, this year, a whole series of procedural investigative actions were carried out:

- searches and seizures of physical evidence from vehicles, offices and apartments;

- many witnesses have been interviewed;

- forensic expert reports have been appointed (how much –nobody knows);

- 13 toxic-chemical examinations were appointed.

The working version sounds like the plot of a crime novel: an attempt at food poisoning! And the evidence for this was found in three places:

- the coffee used in the coffee machine at Emilian Gebrev's home;

- on his son's clothes;

- in the salad that the victims ate during the fatal dinner on April 28, 2015.

To put it mildly, that is utter nonsense. Even from  a simple chronological point of view. A simple example: if the victims are salad-poisoned, by what logic, Gebrev's father  checks in the hospital on April 29, and Gebrev's son on May 4, ie. five days later?

An even simpler example!

If the two were poisoned through a salad at a diner at apub,  why on earth was the killer insecticide found in  the coffee maker of Gebrev's father and in clothes of Gebrev's son?

Or they were  both so drunk that one took two handfuls of salads  to take away and used  the vegetables for  improper purposes, and the other smeared salad on  his jacket because  it seemed outrageously tasty and decided to keep a precious memory  of it forever?

It is bad if one does not know when to keep their mouth shut. It’s worse if you open it and you haven’t got the slightest idea what is going to outflow of it. And the worst part is that there are media outlets which don't care about and generously provide ... tribunes of all kinds!

There is (allegedly) another unknown issue: why has no one ever mentioned the fate of Director V.T.? Starting with the results of "his" expert report, and reaching his health condition these days?

 And, if he were the victim of the same plot, where were his " traces of insecticide " found - on his hair, under his nails, in his shoes, on his toothbrush or on his pillow?

Otherwise, the story of the Finnish expert examinations is generally clear. Still under hesitation.

According to the prosecutor's "file", on October 11, 2018 - almost three and a half years after the unsuccessful attempt on  Emilian Gebrev , the latter had sent a letter to the Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov, stating: "I have reason to believe that the poison used in the Bulgarian case, which was not fully identified in 2015, is from the Novichok group, as I am drawing parallels with the Skripal case in the UK ..."

The Attorney General responded immediately! On October 15, 2018, the Sofia City  Prosecution reinstated the pre-trial proceedings, and on October 19, Sotir Tsatsarov, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov and SANS Chief Dimitar Georgiev signed an agreement to establish a specialized body to assist the investigation of the case.

The results should have  impressed us: the case was assigned to a team of prosecutors, investigating police officers, other police  executives from the Interior Ministry and SANS agents.

And in the course of these actions, after coordination with the partner services and the British Embassy, ​​British special forces arrive twice in our sweet fatherland  to investigate the attempted assassination of  Skripal and his daughter.

It is exactly here that the authors of the prosecutor's "story" fell into the trap of another gaffe.

In order to somehow obscure the three-year deliberate inaction on the case, they responsibly announce:

"It was established that in June 2015,  Mr. Gebrev  commissioned through the MMA a toxicological study of blood and urine samples to the Finnish VERIFIN laboratory. The results of this test were received by the investigating authorities for the first time on 23 October 2018. It confirms that the samples sent contain traces of two compounds containing phosphorus ... "

As far as the “BANKER”  managed to find out, the truth is a little bit different.

The examination was commissioned by the Military Medical Academy, but it  was paid by EMCO OOD, as the NHIF does not reimburse such costs due to the lack of adequate clinical pathways. The results of the examination were declared classified because it was a statutory situation and hospital rules and orders were the same.

Finally, the results of the examination were made available to the investigators immediately because no MMA physician would risk breaking the PPC regulations and hampering the disclosure of a "wet job" against people whose business is structural for  national security.

3. The perpetrators - we know who they are, we know where they are, but we are afraid to ask for them!

This point will be brief, because the service of the police, prosecutor's office and SANS for the detection of the assassins are none. Were it not for the publications of the “New York Times”, “Der Spiegel”, “Bellingcat”, “The Insider” and a bunch of other Western media, inspired by our beloved (in other cases) US and UK partner agencies, the so-called competent BG authorities would probably still wonder what  a preparation for pest control  is doing in the Gebrev coffee machine.

4. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) - our friend is not our enemy!

 According to  both Emilian Gebrev  and the state prosecution, this organization is the only one which can tell if the insecticide in the salad and in the coffee maker have anything to do with the Novichok. The point is that the link with the OPCW passes through the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (we  don’t deliberately  mention the well-known procedure).

In short - in order for the OPCW  examination to be launched, the Bulgarian government - in the person of the Foreign ministry- must request this formally, i.e. through a verbal note. Until that happens, the World Organization will not raise a finger on the Gebrev case.

Well, for half a year the Foreign Ministry has been playing distracted and does not want to fulfill this obligation. Whether by command from above, or simply because someone out there considers the unsuccessful triple assault to be an  irritating event from the distant past, it doesn't matter.

It is curious why the recent Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov did nothing about the  matter and did not put into effect the provision of Art. 145, para. 2 of the Judiciary Act, which is categorical: "The  instructions of the prosecutor, issued in accordance with their competence and the law, are  compulsory for the state authorities, officials, legal entities and citizens"!

It's pretty damn simple: an order is sent to Ekaterina Zaharieva that within a week the verbal note to the OPCW should be a fact and  that’s it. If there is no reaction again - a small “court case” for impeding pre-trial proceedings of particular  interest for  the state and ... it’s even better!

And what happened?  Double nothing. Because the prosecutor's office had no other options for getting assistance from the Organization for Chemical Weapons Protection!

5. The reason for the assassination is not “Dunarit”.

The prosecution hasn’t soon fallen into such embarrassment.  We are not goimg to comment on the well-known facts because they  float on the surface of the news stream for five years. And more precisely - since "some guys" failed to plunder our giant arms maker during  the CCB bankruptcy.

How much do the two Russian friends of Bulgaria and of the BG prosecution suffer - President Putin and Attorney General Chaika? And how wouldn’t they?! They have got heavy below-the-belt kicks.

In fact, if the authors of the prosecutor's "booklet" were smart, their superiors would have distributed this working version on the matter.

Because to admit publicly that Russia has sent military agents being on a state paycheck to kill a Bulgarian arms dealer who has been officially ordered to perform a contract by two Ukrainian ministries - the Defense and the Interior - is a pure test of imbecility!

But ... what to do! As things  go,  we will not be able to break the vicious circle “We vote for you and you vote for them!"  yet another 30 years!

Congratulations to the winners. The rest – keep your eyes open. And don't load your coffee machines with arugula!

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