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Iliyan Vasilev: Domuscthiev, Peevski and Borisov operate in synergy against Vassil Bozhkov

Iliyan Vasiliev, former Ambassador of Bulgaria to Russia, commented on one of the most up-to-date topics in our country - the National lottery case. Let's remind  that Tsvetomir Naydenov, one of the owners of the company of online betting and casino games Efbet, first started  the attack against Vasil Bozhkov's business.

Bozhkov was charged for unpaid taxes in the amount of BGN 250 million. The sum was skipped throughout  the last five years by the State Gambling Commission. All of a sudden many media outlets, as well as Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov have mobilized their efforts and former Deputy Prime Minister Valerie Simeonov even prepared a bill to nationalize the lottery. This, in turn, will affect the football club "Levski", whose owner is Vasil Bozhkov,  and the team fans want to meet with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Here's what Iliyan Vasilev, who follows the processes in our country, wrote on Facebook:

"It is beyond doubt that Vasil Bozhkov is in a difficult situation this time. The  pattern is painfully familiar. His business depends on the state, and his billions are a function of its benevolence. Today he is a billionaire, tomorrow he can turn to a millionaire. It was clear that the Efbet brothers have been given the "courage" from outside to confront him. It is elementary to guess - after so many years of "silence" and submission, they suddenly became "revolutionaries"!?.

There is no doubt that the Domuschiev-Peevski tandem works  in sync and this time it has included both the prosecution and Borisov. Bozhkov's chances are small, especially since his media counter campaign and in general his counter measures were delayed. Many years of carelessness and  affluence have weakened his reflexes. His move to meet Levski's fan club is weak. He shows weakness,  complaining that Borisov did not answer the phone which clearly shows that he is in a pleading, disadvantageous position.Logically the fans, before getting off on the wrong foot will use the “right”, seeking a meeting with the PM. Because Borisov will never leave Levski without funding. After all, he himself incited Bozhkov to finance “the blues”.

However, the idea of "nationalization" is not so easy to implement. Even if they adopt  Simeonov's law, closing down a private business because of a state decision, requires a procedure, there are consequences and at the end of the equation one does not know who will win the game. Bozhkov can sue them both at home and abroad. He could also finance Borisov's fall from power, especially now that odds are dire.

Therefore, expect more coarse actions from the Prosecutor's Office to "soften" Bozhkov  not to "flutter" too much.

It's all a game of nerves. It is not at all certain whether Simeonov's draft law will be adopted at all, and if it is adopted how long it will last. This free cash flow around gambling is around BGN 3 billion !? - this is the “salt” of the model of this management. Money is needed by every ruler - both to manage via it and benefit from it. Bozhkov has a lot of levers, but time has passed for most of them. Few people will show sympathy for him. This is the problem of most oligarchs in our country - they think that good times  are for ever and that once they have become rich, they will always be wealthy, affluent and arrogant."

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