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Iliana Yotova: A Special Resolution for Bulgaria Is Being Prepared in the European Union

"A dialogue between the institutions would seem like a collusion behind the back of the citizens...  The problem is much deeper than the comment on the interpersonal relationships between the president and the prime minister.  To get out of this crisis, we need political stability, international prestige, public support. "That's what Vice President Iliyana Yotova told BNR. According to her, "apart from the people in the streets, there is more protest power in the face of other Bulgarian citizens who do not have the opportunity to be at the protests but support them".

"The situation is dynamic. The nature of the protests shows that there are no aggressive people, except in cases of provocation," she said. Yotova added, there will always be criticism of the president and his independence.  "It's a part of the political life. The president's meeting with the protesters was at the request of the people themselves."  For these years, the most important thing the president has been doing is to say out loud what people who can't be heard say, " the Vice President said.

Iliyana Yotova clarified that there is  new points of reference in the battle against the presidential institution. " To draw a dividing line between the party that nominated the President and the President himself. I don't want to speculate whether the grounds are political or personal because serious processes are what is important to me," she said.

In the Vice President’s words, in addition to the rule of law reports, monitoring of Bulgaria will continue and "this will destroy the image of our country in a rather messy situation in the European Union". "I have information that a special resolution is being prepared for Bulgaria. A separate resolution for a single country is a very rare matter. The European institutions are wary of interfering with internal processes, especially political ones.  If there is a special resolution…, I don't want to know what its contents will be."  Yotova added.

She expressed her disapproval of the decision of six MPs to leave the BSP parliamentary group.

Iliana Yotova also announced the beginning of the "Public-spirited Bulgaria" initiative for the Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Movement, aimed at Bulgarian communities abroad.

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