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Ilian Vassilev: Why Radev’s support for the protest freaks you out?

Congratulations to Rumen Radev and his radicalization. Thus he swiftly left the BSP lying prostrate. Yes, he draws attention to himself, but let's not forget that his institutional support for the protest is welcome. He does not speak into the protest’s microphone but into his own. He comes out in the street with NSS - a bad move. This is what the analyst Ilian Vassilev wrote on his Facebook page.


"Those who want to shift the problem of the resignations of the government and the chief prosecutor to the personality of the president and some fictional tale of a presidential republic live in vain. This simply cannot happen.


It is a typical dilemma for people with right-wing beliefs who were left at the early transition school - black and white, anti-communist communists and have imperceptibly accepted to be ruled by Dogan and Peevski, murmuring that Radev supports the protest.


So, during all these years, those people failed to notice that behind the facade of the "we defend you from the communists" fake right-wing GERB party established an authoritarian regime that implements state-oligarchic capitalism in the name of the backstage.


The same harrowing words were heard when, with the votes of the left, the DB won the second round of the mayoral election in Sofia which happened for the first time in many years.


The hypocrisy of such "moralizers" shines brightly against the background of unprincipled coalitions in power - especially with backstage actors, with the left, right, nationalists, with goons.


As long as Radev supports the protesters and their demands and as long as he is the target of the attacks of Dogan, Peevski, Borisov and Geshev, he is an ally of the protest.


"Let's not forget that it was not Radev who entered the Prosecutor General's Office with armed guards, it was the Prosecutor General who stormed the presidency in an attempt to demonstrate the new status of a prosecutor's republic," the analyst wrote.

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