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Ilian Vassilev on Facebook: Why I Refuse To Panic from the "Record" Number of Newly Infected and Who Benefits from It

I do refuse to freak out from this new "record" of 181 infected people and especially from the interpretations that we – the bad citizens were not "responsible", we did not protect ourselves and we were to blame.


First, because the most common sources of infection are activities that the government encourages or at least does not stop. That is, the responsibility for the mass gatherings lies with the government.


Why don't they indicate where people become infected? They have this research and you will see that the epidemic cannot subside precisely because of the mass rallies that the government does not want to ban. Could the Loko-CSKA match be played in front of less than 20,000 spectators?! Yes, it could but they didn't do it.


Second, the number of those infected is not the most important issue, or at least not the ultimate cause for panic. As has been stated thousands of times, at the beginning of the crisis we had 40-50 or more infected in 300 tests. Now we have 180 with nearly 3,000 tests. Well, think. It's just that the epidemic is subsiding, but we're not helping it subside faster.


Third, the government and those in power benefit from maintaining a level of fear that allows them to manipulate public opinion and pretend to be Saviors. The Donors will come afterwards.


Fourth, the interest of the hospitals has skyrocketed because they have doubled the payments on the "coronavirus" path. This is an invitation to hospitalize the "infected". Why shouldn’t they win too?


How many are there in the intensive care units is the important question.


Fifth, the tests are also a zone of manipulation - they deliberately do not say how many of the tests are for the first, second or third time, etc. An acquaintance of mine, who died in early April from a disease that had nothing to do with the coronavirus, had four tests, and only one was "positive". And do you know that even the overrated PSR test gives 30 percent false positive results. Here's a classic example, the first test is positive, all the others are negative but keep recording it as a "coronavirus"!?



Sixth, unfortunately, there are no statistics for people in intensive care and those hospitalized who do not have chronic diseases so as to see the pure cases and the level of influence.


Seventh, the medical aspects, the diagnosis, the treatments, etc., seemed to have "sunk" - there is not even a debate, the doctors have taken a back seat. There are arguments on the Internet between "boosters" who do not even listen to each other. And it is useful to listen to the doctors who treat. We will see that the information and knowledge they have now has been at a radically different level since the beginning of the epidemic which allows them to react more adequately. But not everywhere - read Dr. Simidchiev’s interview to find out - doctors are also wrong, but at least you can believe that those who treat the disease have gained a lot of new information, knowledge and experience. Not those who are the National Headquarters administrators.


Again - nothing scary, nothing fatal happens. The pandemic is weakening,  we just can't afford not to live.


Yesterday we lost 300 of our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters and brothers. Look at the bigger picture.


These 4-7 people are just part of the statistics.


They are preparing us for the next panic and fake - 5G is to blame for everything. Kostov as well. Protests are under way and they need "medical" grounds to ban them or present them in society as actions of "irresponsible" people to the health of others.


It all starts with the mantra "I am dumb and you are dumb".


Bulgaria is subject to mass manipulation by instilling fear through the media. It is not just us, but it seems that in other countries there are anchors of reason and fundamental morality in those in power.

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