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Ilian Vassilev on Facebook: During this crisis all government deficits will show up

A state of emergency is a step, which looks more like a wrapping of a vague content than a real, estimable action. What we are waiting for are measures, precise instructions, an idea of ​​a general plan. What we get are 30 minute monologues of a person who obviously does not understand his role, his place in a process that is multilayered and in which he is not the source of ultimate confidence just because he is a prime minister.

The exact meaning of “state of emergency” is not clear in the law itself, except that it carries the label of utter deterioration.

Exactly what greater powers and what specific measures does Borisov want? Because a state of emergency makes him a potential dictator.

OK I agree, but where exactly will it lead to? I see the measures in Asia, being the only good model, but we are not moving along that trajectory. We will not be closing restaurants, these are half-hearted measures again. The National Assembly does not have to agree only on the basis of urgency, without receiving specific measures and volumes of powers.

During this crisis, all the deficits of Borisov's government will become obvious. Now we can't switch to remote life and work because electronic management is not implemented. Corruption, in turn, consumes a huge amount of public and private resources that could have been directed to addressing the situation. It is precisely because citizens are unable to use electronic services,  they have to be on the spot, submit, complete and receive documents.

I don't see what he'll do - he wants a blank check and permission to do whatever he wants.

There are no real measures, by closing borders, canceling events, announcing a national picture, there is more talk about it, but there is no specificity. And I don't see the most important thing - mass screening!?! One test costs about 60 levs, the value of the reagents being the main component. If you remove VAT, it will reduce costs.

The tests now depend on state-owned laboratories, referred to as reference laboratories, but they cannot keep up. Anyway, two samples are made and there is no reason private labs and hospitals to be excluded from the battle.

Can't you see that Sophia came out in the lead just because more mass tests have been started? Which shows you why we understand the picture of what is going on so late, simply because we did not undertake mass testing on purpose. This is not a radical, enlightened, strategic action.

Not to mention that they don’t know a damn thing about having a crisis program to help the economy, small business and households. All policies that require huge funds and can have a devastating impact on the economy must be postponed, all projects. Including, Turkish Stream, Belene and any other actions should be called off.

Excuse me, but if we look at what is happening through the prism of strategy, the details of an action plan, the pre-emptive measures - there are not many reasons for optimism. I repeatedly say -  Mass Screening -  unleash the reagents from VAT, and allow the NHIF to cover the cost of mass tests prescribed by GPs. Without knowing the whole picture, the measures to isolate the "suspicious", "the quarantined", etc. will be a blow in the air.

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