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He went for wool and came home shorn

If we were an island in the Pacific Ocean - without electricity, the Internet, media and other extras - I would understand why Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is behaving as if he were really a reliable bearer of the best news from the protracted negotiations on the EU budget and Ursula von der Layen's recovery plan.


It gets clear from his emotional speech after the end of the negotiations that BG will receive 29 billion European funds in the coming years - 2 billion more, which is a gross scam, as noted by the Prime Minister. We also found out who of the European leaders had a birthday on that very day and that his sister got older and celebrated her birthday ...


According to Borissov, the 29 billion is a strong enough argument not to kill the messenger.


"That's why I deserve being asked to resign because there are 2 billion euros more in this situation. For those who want my resignation –I leave 29 billion."


It is Khan Asparuh who bears the historical guilt that we have been on the Balkan Peninsula and not somewhere else. But as his direct descendants we should be sympathetic: Asparuh fled from his ancient homeland in exactly the same way as contemporary Bulgarians. Nothing can stop them - neither the Danube, nor the Black Sea, nor the coronavirus, just to get to a normal country far from here.


Right now - the messenger Borisov seems to be trying to reverse this trend with the news that after difficult talks in the EU he has managed to negotiate a colossal sum for us. Is that really so?


Romania, our northern neighbor and a partner in the "package" accession into the EU, has negotiated 79.9 billion euros, half of which will be returned and the other half not. For comparison - the territory of ​​Romania is 238,397 square kilometers and population - 19.4 million people.


Croatia, we entered the euro zone waiting room with, has negotiated 22 billion euros. Its territory is 56,613 square kilometers and the population is almost 4 million people.


Slovenia, which has ​​20,273 square kilometers with a population of about 2.1 million, received 10.5 billion euros.


Greece, with a territory of 131,475 square kilometers and a population of 10.7 million managed to negotiate 72 billion, also under extremely good conditions.


And Cyprus just hit the nail: 2.7 billion euros for a territory of 9242.45 square kilometers and a population of about 1.1 million people.


A vague comparison gives the impression that the Prime Minister did not seem to be negotiating but only saluting. And after eating Sacher cake, he went home. Something like a foreign trade agreement from the socialist era, as the unsurpassed Radoi Ralin wrote: he went there for pears and returned without ears…



Probably Khan Asparuh also used flattering promises to make the proto-Bulgarians venture into the Danube and get to the opposite bank. The difference between him and the promises of our political leaders from the last transitional years, however, is that the opposite shore is visible and the end of our odyssey is not.


And there are no more delusions now but drawers full of euros.

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