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Happy holidays with the Asphalt game surprises of Sofia Municipality!

The repair crews of Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandakova, who applied for the Guinness Book of Records with the longest renovation of Graf Ignatiev Street, are preparing various Christmas and New Year surprises for residents and guests of Sofia.

One of them is the live execution of the popular online game Asphalt 8: Airborne - Fun Real Car Racing Game on the city streets.
How  to do this is crystal  clear from the photo of the intersection of Tsar Samuel and Neofit Rilski Streets, which is fully prepared to welcome those eager to engage in this extreme game.

It raises the adrenaline of drivers and pedestrians equally.
For that purpose, repair experts cut the asphalt  of the capital streets into regular deep squares, with sharp edges which  the playing drivers should overcome without  flatting a tire, tearing a rack , breaking the steering rod, or cracking  tampons. The conditions remain the same even after the repair is completed.

In the immediate vicinity of the asphalt cut in no-one-know  form, a water canal shaft is being structured, whose cast iron lid has collapsed and a deep pit has been formed. The presence of the shaft heightens additionally the drivers adrenaline playing live, who have to showcase some enviable skill to avoid the obstacles in front of  their cars.

The municipality has prepared a real surprise for the pedestrians taking part in the game. The street lamps that are blown out will not be replaced, on the pretext  Christmas and New Year's fireworks to be seen better. Consequently, pedestrians will fall into the traps of Asphalt 8  and  will have to show courage, potential to survive and ingenuity as not to end up in Pirogov's traumatology ward.

And to reinforce perceptions, the Interior Ministry will traditionally leave pyrotechnics dealers unattended, enabling them to place  along  the dark streets of Sofia some improvised explosive devices, bronze and minium bombs, powerful  fireckrackers and other thundering gadgets. The firearms chaotic shots of any kind discharged by the population with weapons, owned  behind the Interior Ministry back  will always contribute to the unique holiday atmosphere.

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