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Things around the so-called holiday "Aleppu Village" got back to track.

The suspicion that  we have been made fools again  has proved to be true. It appeared that the famous reinforcement is not a reinforcement, but a part of the foundations of a resort complex. Willy-nilly, the prosecutor's office was forced to reveal the truth about the settlement after a wide public "discussion" and protests against the construction on the Driver's Beach next to the lagoon swamp. It is also known as the Fox Swamp and it houses the highest sand dunes on the Balkan Peninsula, which have long had the status of a protected natural landmark.

The desire to turn every sand dune, every square meter of beach into a concrete fortification in our latitudes will die last. Probably - after all the nonsense like natural landmarks, nature parks, protected areas and so on is naturally eliminated. That is - when we forget what nature is and when only concrete jungle and ... nothing else will spread in front of the eyes of our heirs. Well, some pots here and there, of course. Just for a colourful and exotic scenery.


This week, prosecutors discovered America. According to the indictment, there were two permits for the construction of the Aleppu Village - one for fortification and the second, issued after the first came into force, for the construction of a hotel.


None of us doubted the existence of such permits. Although various municipal officials, architects and senior statesmen are constantly trying to present us as dull and dumb. For example, the head of the Regional Directorate for Construction Control Southeast Region Milen Nenchev, who ambitiously tried to convince us how deeply we are mistaken and that the construction in question is not a hotel but just a fortification, stubbornly and  brazenly explained that "a shore protection facility does not always look like a vertical reinforced concrete wall."


Instead of a shopska salad, the designer of the Aleppu facility, the architectural bureau "A and A Architects" ,in which, according to our traditions,  BG Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva’s husband is a partner, sent us on a wild goose chase.


Apparently he's one of the guardians of the lapse of these stupid natural landmarks, because he declared there is no nature on the site the Aleppu Village holiday complex is being built.


Well, there isn't, and there won't be, precisely because of people like Zahariev and Nenchev. And because of such municipal councilors as of Tsarevo, who in the absence of a general development plan and in the presence of the MoEW and the MRDTP orders to ban construction in areas outside regulation in Strandzha Park, issue detailed development plans and building permits. To those they should be issued, of course.


Well... yes! While we are stealthily wiping tell-tale tears and singing along with the characters from "No name Orchestra ", we continue be fools in their eyes. Because the feeling of shoveling a handful of fine sand on the beach, watching it disappear between your fingers with a hiss is incomprehensible for them. Instead of listening to the rustle of banknotes counting, after placing hands contentedly on the building permit for a hotel complex ...


Time is slipping through our fingers like the sand. The noise of the banknotes is deafening. The cubicles of the construction site on the Driver's Beach will remain, and as Prime Minister Boyko Borissov cheerfully promises, they would become a "wonderful habitat for birds and animals."


What is left for us is… – well, we were given the finger.

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