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Government to Negotiate with US Companies for New “Kozloduy” NPP Unit

"Our country cannot give up the construction of “Belene” NPP. One reason for this is that coal plants need to be dropped and replaced with emission-free options. The project continues its implementation by the decision of the Bulgarian Parliament". This was stated by Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova. She added that our country has made great efforts on the deal.

"We were able to get Rosatom to give up big interest rates. We also signed an agreement with them and they refused to make claims against the state. The reactors are located on the site and the equipment is stored under the best conditions. I hope that soon we will have clarity on what will happen to them," Petkova told Nova TV.

She also commented on the planned construction of a new block at Kozloduy NPP, and her words made it clear that our country would develop both nuclear projects – “Belene” NPP and “Kozloduy” NPP.

"At this time, we cannot determine how much it would cost to build the seventh block of the plant. This is yet to be calculated and at the moment no comment on the construction is being made, but studies are being carried out on what the possibilities are and what the project should be," the Energy Minister explained.

Today, the government will decide on the seventh unit of “Kozloduy” Nuclear Power Plants, which provides a mandate for the Bulgarian Energy Holding to come into contact with US companies developing nuclear technologies in order to establish how much it would cost to build a new energy block. The deadline of the survey is the end of January 2021, Petkova announced.

The Minister stressed that the whole process related to the construction of new nuclear facilities requires a very long period of time. Bulgaria’s main goal is to diversify energy resources. "We are heading to the US to see what the latest working technologies are," the minister said.

"We have always had a frank dialogue with our US partners. We've had a lot of good results in the last six years in the field of gas diversification and fresh nuclear fuel. We are building the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector which will continue to give us gas. We have made our position clear to them," she said.

Petkova disagrees with Francis Fannon, US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy, who said there was no difference for Washington between the Balkan Stream and the Turkish Stream. According to the Bulgarian Minister of Energy, however, the two projects have absolutely nothing in common, as the gas pipeline passing through Bulgaria is entirely owned by Bulgartransgaz.

When asked why the Bulgarian municipalities close to the passing "Balkan Stream" are not gasified, she replied that the municipalities have not shown an investment interest but the connection can happen at any time.


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