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GERB Is Shaken with Fear Lest an Interim Government Come

High-ranking GERB members and non-impartial analysts have been recently repeating the mantra that it would be horrible if Boyko Borissov resigned and a caretaker government came. Panic speaks out of their eyes and voices as if it were a cosmic catastrophe, given that this is a cabinet with limited powers and a horizon of 2-3 months.


"Radev wants the resignation of the legitimately elected government and the chief prosecutor. This absolutely contradicts the Constitution and the principle of separation of powers. These actions alone should tell you that this person and the people behind him are very dangerous for the state. I do not even want to imagine what will happen if a caretaker government comes. We are falling into chaos and timelessness ", the administrative secretary of GERB Tsvetomir Paunov commented in front of the activists in different cities in BG.


Radev - he wants, but what about the demands of the protesters in the country? To put it mildly, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Youth Organization of GERB Georg Georgiev gives a very strange answer: "Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people are not ready for a second interim cabinet of President Radev. This undisguised and strongly emphasized malice that is pouring out, combined with deep political incompetence could reflect on human capacities. We are concerned most of all that the state does not go weightless.”


"We need to make people think - what happens after resignation?" Actually, it’s a crisis situation. But under a caretaker government there will be more revanchism than work", Vladimir Uruchev, MEP from GERB / ​​EPP in the period 2007-2019 shares with low-rank party members


Political scientist Rumyana Kolarova also joined the chorus against a possible caretaker government. According to her, the offices did indecent things, criticizing the governments of Prof. Bliznashki and Reneta Indjova, formed by Presidents Plevneliev and Zhelev. Kolarova went even further by comparing the ratings of GERB cabinet and Boyko Borissov with those of the CDU and Merkel but this is the political science of the pubs.



Rosen Plevneliev, President of Bulgaria from 2012 to 2017, did not surprise us with anything fresh and original on the topic. Not that anyone expected him to, even though he had to form two caretaker governments.


Who could have imagined that a procedure enshrined in the country's constitution would provoke such fierce opposition from a party which has been in power for ten years, which claims to be the most democratic and is a member of the EPP's European family? Why are Boyko Borissov and his first men and women in GERB so much afraid of a caretaker government appointed by the current president?


In the first place, this is the obvious personal hatred towards Rumen Radev, who has not closed his eyes to the graft and disgrace of the ruling party from the first day of his term and has voiced his criticism. In fact Borisov and GERB are convinced Radev is their most perillous opposition. Besides, they know that this time he will hardly appoint a cabinet, as at the beginning of his term which treads so carefully.


But this fear is still lesser than the other. The main task of the caretaker government is to organize and hold early elections and here is the secret lying. The levers and tools of the ruling party to influence the election process will be taken away. Let's not forget those 600,000 void ballots in the last local vote previous fall. Which was complete nonsense. Not to mention not updated voters’ lists, corporate voting, etc.


That is why there is such a resistance against machine and electronic voting.


Boyko Borissov wants his people to organize the elections because there is another problem, which is organizational - his party is splitting. Tsvetan Tsvetanov attracts parts of it and the results can be quite unpleasant for the current rulers under a fair vote.


The attempts to "tie" the protesting people with Radev, Bozhkov, various parties, small parties and in general with some kind of backstage playing seems to be the most incorrect aspect of this whole story. Some thick skulls in the government don't appear to realize that everything has its limits. Even in Bulgaria.


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