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GERB Has Reversed the Issue of President’s Impeachment

GERB will not initiate and support the procedure for impeachment of President Rumen Radev. The decision was taken on Friday at a meeting of the Executive Commission of the ruling party. "We as a party and a parliamentary group decided not to initiate and support the procedure under art. 103, known as the impeachment procedure,  says Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev.

"The arguments for this may be legal and political. We don't want any tension or war between the institutions. We do not want to invest in political opposition and contribute to the division of society, "Donchev noted.

In his Thursday statement, President Radev pointed out that his impeachment would not fill the dams, nor the refrigerators of the people. "It will not raise their pensions. At most, it will fill the squares and lead to a definitive collapse of the government," the head of state noted.

Impeachment proceedings may be initiated at the request of at least one quarter of the members of the National Assembly. But it must be approved by the votes of two-thirds of the MPs.

According to the Basic law, the Constitutional Court considers charges against the President within one month.

The Head of State is not responsible for actions implemented in the performance of his functions, except for high treason and violation of the Constitution.

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