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From The King's Speech to the Good Father's Babble

In “The King's Speech”, George VI, stunned by his unexpected role as a British ruler, lifts the spirits of his country on the brink of World War II. The stuttering member of the royal family overcomes his speech impediment with the efforts of a speech therapist applying non-traditional treatment. And the speech of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at the national conference of GERB was simply depressing because everything was the other way around - in apparent synchrony but in real conflict with the common sense and the anger of the protest.


It is far more incredible that Borissov has dreamed of the insane opportunity to climb frantically the highest positions of power and hold them for a decade. Besides, he does not stutter, he easily vomits a torrent of lies, promises and nonsense. If we assume that such a person is capable of raising the people's spirit, then the "material" deserves this rule, where impudence and audacity perfectly match with greed and simplicity.


When he started bragging, I stopped listening to him. At some point, however, he began to make catastrophic predictions with apocalyptic pathos. The end of Bulgaria would come if he allowed a caretaker cabinet and a non-parliamentary government. This is how Belgium ended, which the day before yesterday broke its own world record for a political crisis, as it has not had a regular government for almost 600 days. The post-liberation politicians must have been great fools, having dreamt of Bulgaria becoming Belgium in the Balkans.


It was clear from Batze's speech that he was keeping his ears open to which way to get to. He feels like completing his term but those at the crossroads proved surprisingly stubborn and adamant in their disgust to all his tricks, offices and puppet masters. He would work with the structures where he had to intervene because there were bullies in some places, so he had to change things. By replacing the available bullies with other ones so as to report to the hidden ones who had installed him on the throne, while feeling "tension in society because of the much desired sense of justice."


Questions arise as to the assurances that "the only thing we have not done is to nominate a candidate for Attorney General" and that "we have not formed a coalition with the MRF." The first is WHO proposed the Attorney General. The second - WHO is the partner of the MRF in power, providing it with another managerial mandate under the mask of an opposition.


I don't know what traces Batze's speech left among the party apparatus but  it was dumbfounded beforehand. At first they didn't know why he was calling them. Then they were blinking at the media, explaining they had come to listen to the prime minister, not to speak. In general, they looked like fish out of water knowing that his messages were bunkum - in at one ear, out at the other. The only question is who will bear the brunt.


Therefore, to date, for each action at central and local level of the GERB governance, the following questions should be asked: "Why now?" and "What, the hell, are you doing?" The propaganda machine works tirelessly, and bombastic promises to distribute money alternate with fits of dementia-stricken statehood.


But they shouldn’t be overenthusiastic, because it’s obvious they are lying. And they lie because the truth is not a thing to say.

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