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Existence No Longer Required

The news that the United States intends to provide us with two decommissioned F-16s became a top story in the Bulgarian media, which sang in a choir glorifying the donation. The fighter jets will be provided at the request of the Bulgarian government, according to the Excess Defense Articles Program and will be used as aids for training and getting general knowledge of the technique. The news came amid a visit by the US Assistant Secretary of State for political and military Affairs Clark Cooper to our country.

In this case, our foreign partners seem to be under the influence of Kabbalah and implement almost one of its main principles-give and you’ll be given. The U.S.A gives us the two non-flying F-16s with its right hand while the left will grab several billions from our purchase of two squadrons of new fighters.

This is Kabbalah, although a little shocking.

It's unclear what the benefit of the grounded F-16s will be as training tools. I think two pilot training simulators for the new U.S. fighter jets might do more work than museum exhibits. After announcing the deal for the first 8 new combat aircraft, it became clear that a pilot simulator center for f-16 fighters will be built at the Dolna Mitropolia Air force school.

 We will dig deep into the pockets for the center too, although it is not known how much. However, we’ll get a quick payback, as not only Bulgarian but also foreign pilots will be trained there. A diploma or a brevet, as is the popular term in aviation, costs 30,000 euros.

Both non-flying F-16s will be used in the future. Once their need as teaching tools is eliminated, we could turn them into museums. And against a lev, every Bulgarian can see from close range this miracle of combat aviation.

U.S. donation has made us aware of some domestic political phenomena such as the donation of the Parliament’s old carpets to the theater in Kardzhali, which was announced some time ago by the head of the National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva. We need to understand the generosity of this gesture, which took place right on the 60th anniversary of the birth of the theater as well as the charitable depth of the donations of old calendars for nursing homes, which has also been the National Assembly’s.

Non-flying planes, old carpets and calendars may be no longer needed, but they will obviously have a place in our existence, which is also an excess one. Future is bright.

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