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Evgeniy Daynov: The Counter-Protest Relies on the Authorities, Hence It Is an Aggressive Phenomenon

"The counter-protest is built on power and is, therefore, an aggressive phenomenon." This was stated to the Bulgarian National Radio by the political scientist Prof. Evgeniy Daynov in connection with the attempt of counter-protesters yesterday to remove some of the tents in front of the Rectorate of Sofia University. According to him, blocking intersections in Sofia is an old protest phenomenon.

"It’s been a standard Sofia procedure since the early 1990s. That's the way people show civil disobedience. There will be disputes about whether it is right or wrong but when you’ve declared that you are a civil disobedient person, you declare that you are violating some rules, otherwise it would not be disobedience," he explained.


Prof. Daynov commented that when the protests are authentic, even if there are demonstrations with different political biases as in the 90s ("the blues" and "the reds”), there is no danger of violence. "Just remember, there was an exchange of remarks but there was no violence.


The counter-protesters do not have authentic positions, they are a provocation helped by the authorities", the political scientist is categorical.


GERB's proposal for a new Constitution was described by Prof. Daynov as a monstrous provocation. "This is an opportunity for the authorities to break the state, trying to impose its Constitution on a society that does not want that power," he stressed.


According to him "United Patriots", "Volia" and MRF will again want "to raise their price" during the consultations with GERB to convene a Grand National Assembly for the adoption of a new Constitution. "Volia" will get what they want and line up next to GERB but I do not see what MRF wins from sinking in all the chaos of constitutional drafting when BG society does not want a new Constitution. “It will be interesting”, the political scientist noted. In Prof. Dainov’s words the MRF functions not as a party but as a corporation, so they have corporate secrets and it is not known what they actually want.


The political scientist expressed his expectations of an escalation of provocations by the government and its counter-protesters.

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