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Dr. Hristo Damyanov: BG Health Care System Is Sinking. Assoc. Prof. Mangarov Has the Guts to Say The Emperor Wears No Clothes –part 1

Therapies with vitamin C, ozone and magnetic pairs suppress infections, they also have an immunity-stimulating and detoxifying effect, but they are a taboo in Bulgaria.

The Chinese responded very quickly and, on the Japanese Association of Orthomolecular Medicine’s advice, they prepared a protocol for the practical administration of large doses of vitamin C against the coronavirus. Such a treatment costs only 1000 BGN. That is exactly how much a one-day intubation of an infected patient costs. Unfortunately, this information and these therapies are a taboo in Bulgaria.


This was stated in a video interview for The Banker Studio by Dr. Hristo Damyanov of the Center for Integrative Medicine.


In the interview, Dr. Damyanov also said:


One of the good qualities of Vitamin C therapy, ozone therapy and biomagnetic therapy is that they can be administered jointly, individually and in combination with other conventional methods. They are highly effective against any viral and bacterial infections. In addition, they have an immunostimulating and detoxifying effect. These are not my conclusions, they are the result of numerous clinical studies. The principles of integrative medicine suggest that the body be treated comprehensively.


There is a great deal of silence in Bulgaria about alternative therapies. It is not due to the lack of interest, but to the health system as a whole.


This is literally an imitation of a health care system. Doctors are currently working for survival, not for new professional pursuits. The entire system is extremely vicious. Society is also silent. The only one who protests with his professional opinion is Assoc. Prof. Mangurov. It is he who has the courage to point out the truth and say that the emperor has no clothes. After 46 years of practice, I cannot imagine that we have reached such lows of degradation. With this Health Ministry team, we are sinking headlong.

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