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Dimitar Ludzhev: Dogan Has Long Been Looking for a Way to Freeze Borisov out

Delyan Peevski left the tsarist Komsomol, made his money in the Bulgarian Maritime Navigation and the port of Varna. After he was expelled from the National Security Agency (SANS) he stuck to MRF, did a huge job in the state reserve, accumulated more good money, then joined banker Tsvetan Vasilev, who called him his son. Apparently, he has qualities and bears all the characteristics of the GERB model –ruthlessness, aggressiveness, cynicism, ability to control the power structures of authorities, to buy and sell politicians. All of this, by the way, is typical of Dogan. This was stated in a video interview to "The Banker Studio" by Prof. Dimitar Ludzhev.

Dimitar Ludzhev also said in the interview:

Dogan is considerably smarter, more flexible and experienced than Borisov. Borisov is a semi-literate coward.

GERB is losing power and falling apart like the National Movement for Stability and Progress. And its leader has already won the people's hatred, as happened with Kostov, Sofianski, the Tsar. GERB is not a party, but a clientele.

GERB has become an instrument of a new generation - people without any public biography - as its leader, who was in the underground for 10 years, while Parvanov and the Tsar pushed him for Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior.

We are talking about individuals who have emerged from the shadowy depths of society, whose most essential characteristic is that they perceive the law as a barrier in the field – only the jerks push into this barrier, and they, the smart ones, walk past it. Law doesn’t exist for these people.

Philip Dimitrov was: Bulgaria's representative to the United Nations, ambassador to Washington, then Plevneliev brushed and pushed him up, now he is a constitutional judge. He has always been an opportunist, one of the accidents in Bulgarian history. To claim that GERB complies with the rule of law, respects media freedom and has led the country to prosperity, this is impudence, moral dirtiness. And he is not the only one, we're talking about random people without any professional training and public biography who took the lead of the state. Let’s not talk about the eternally "starving" Edwin Sugarev or agents of the State Security like Georgi Markov.

There is no other country in Eastern Europe where such miracles have happened. Parties of one day come in waves on the wings of some savior and take power. This speaks of how particularly infantile much of the Bulgarian electorate is. A nation shows its suitability for democracy through the leaders it elects.

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