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Diana Damyanova: All average jerks identify themselves with Borisov

Bulgarians fully deserve this government because they are dumb and thieving - just like their prime minister.

They identify with him. And when the prime minister sleeps like a fatso, probably drunk because it is difficult to photograph him otherwise, the people sympathize with their leader. The people want to be informed by Nova TV. So, they fully deserve their fate. Every average simpleton sees himself in Borisov. I'm sure he's enjoying the wads of cash now. This was stated in a video interview for "Studio Banker" by Diana Damyanov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, former trade unionist, PR expert.


Dr. Diana Damyanova also said in the interview:


Now two types of people are gathered in the cabinet: some are insultingly illiterate, others are employees of one person and carry out his orders.


The ruling party was badly scorched by Bozhkov, and if they attacked Zlatev, they would get a new serious enemy. The problem is rooted in the fact that in 2013 the people, in a fit of revolutionary vigilance, did not allow Peevski to become head of SANS. And now we have a shadow prime minister.


I am a doctor of historical sciences and three years ago I assumed that Borissov's rule would go down in history as a dot. I'm changing my mind now. It will go down in history as the grossest violation of political rules.


If there are irregularities in Bobokov's case, they, as in the case of Bozhkov, have been legally regulated so that certain people can benefit.

The one who created the law may have acted criminally.


I will not comment on the compromising materials but I am convinced that everything that leaks from Bozhkov is 100% true. Bozhkov would never have given a bribe without documenting it in 101 ways.


One of their gravest crimes is that they destroyed the unions. Or rather, the unions destroyed themselves. There are no trade unions in Bulgaria, there are my overfed heirs.

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