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Damn the State, If That’s Its Health System

This time, Boyko Borisov's bragging logorrhea is just a drop of honey in our "health" system’s barrel of feces. As he smashed online "voodoo spells and fabrications of fake sites" with the promise that after the coup attempt, "no one will be left hungry", the quarantined and self-isolated prime minister described it in such a way that even a patient would not recognize it. And his request that he “will raise the state by February-March-April" was ridiculously and unsuitably tied to the current picture of BG health care. It's good the dead are gone!

If you listen to Borisov, you are out of trouble. Now, as a leader, he felt most confident about what to do. The healthy should work, the infected should be quarantined, the sick should be treated immediately. ”We have strengthened the hospitals, we have everything provided for the coming months, the vaccines are starting to come out, I rely on my heroes - the doctors, the nurses, our leading doctors. Change the protocols, some antibiotics do not work, others do – replace them. You understand more, help everyone”.

In summary of total decay and chaos: "Do not believe the stinky sites, all measures are being implemented! Watch out, the trick is to protect ourselves. Let's not get infected more than we need to, en masse. And that's how we're going to do best in Europe. We're still in 17th place. Thank you! And God be with us!"

Still, God can't gather his credits. The health minister assures that there are so many available beds in hospitals but wonders why patients are not checked in. The emergency service cries there aren’t enough ambulances, although hundreds of new ones were purchased a while ago. And it swears it's not late while patients wait for it for hours. The ambulance then tours all the Sofia hospitals to take a patient to the town of Svoge where they state his death. The GPs hide like mice from their personal patients, whom they treat remotely if they happen to pick up their phones at all.

But whoever survives should not be intimidated - next year's health budget to be stolen is record, BGN 5bn. In addition, the Prime Minister made another key promise: "to provide beds for every Bulgarian citizen who needs hospital treatment". Including in hotels, which is an extra. Then follows a new batch of orders and reorganizations in haste that also raise new questions - if we lie down, together, in front of or around hospitals, who will treat us in the hotels. The answer is that the idea was still being clarified.

It didn’t start yesterday. For years, in every viral season, the several lung wards in Sofia have been full to bursting and there is no room for hundreds of severe cases.
And many patients die as many as they do now - but not from the Covid-19 deception, but from lung complications to the usual concomitant diseases. A total and inhuman mess, in which the Hippocratic Oath and the oath of ministers are the crown of the mockery of “the rule of law” in the country. This “rule of law” is the rule to regularly drown billions in health contributions and taxes into the authorities’ drawers before leaving the patients on the street.Heroic trust in Genocide-20!

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