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Civic association Bulgaria United with One Purpose (BUOP) won the case against the Sofia City Prosecution in the Administrative Court - Vidin

One year ago, BUOP sent an Application under the Law on Access to Public Information to the Prosecutor General and the Supreme Court of Cassation questioning the work and biography of the only candidate for the position of Prosecutor General - Ivan Geshev.

The reason for the requested information are documents in possession of BUOP, which - according to investigator Boyko Atanasov, show the conclusion of "shameful" contracts, the website of BUOP writes. The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (SGP) refused to provide the requested information, so the BUOP filed a lawsuit, which they won in December 2019.


After winning the case, the SGP sent a reply, which, according to BUOP, was "manipulated and incomplete". Following the information received BUOP have published the documents at their disposal, according to which the Prosecutor General has not filed a single indictment for seven years of work in the SGP. "We filed a new case in Vidin Administrative Court and with decision 2102 / 19.06.2020 the court RETURNS for a new ruling the response of SGP with specific instructions and ORDERS the prosecutor's office to pay BUOP the costs of the case", it became clear from the publication of BUOP.


On 13.08.2019 BUOP Association submitted an Application under the Law on Access to Public Information to the Prosecutor General and the Supreme Court of Gassation with several questions regarding the professional activity of Ivan Stoimenov Geshev - Peevski's only candidate for Prosecutor General. The application regards documents we received, which show that Geshev concluded a number of "shameful" (according to investigator Boyko Atanasov), and in our opinion criminal agreements with individuals and organized criminal groups for tax fraud and VAT evasion.


An implied rejection of SGP followed and BUOP filed a lawsuit, which we won in December 2019.


Following the court decision, SGP responded to BUOP but the information provided to us was manipulated and incomplete. Instead of answering how many indictments and how many agreements with criminals Geshev had concluded, the SGP provided us with the total number of "prosecutorial decrees" in an attempt to hide Geshev's disgrace! However, BUOP published official documents which clarified that Geshev had not filed ANY indictment having worked for seven years in the SGP but had only concluded agreements with the accused and mobsters.


Here is what BUOP writes:


This is an extremely important victory. Congratulations to Judge Genadieva for her professionalism and courage. The Bulgarian court is the last institutional guardian of law and justice. That is why our ruling mafia is trying to crush the reputable Bulgarian magistrates defending the independence of the judiciary. In her decision, Administrative Judge Genadieva stated: "It is indisputable that the Prosecutor General is obliged to provide access to public information within the meaning of Article 3 of the APIA.", as well as:

"The operative part of the decision provided partial access of the applicant to the information created and stored in the SGP, structured in accordance with the questions asked by the applicant under item 1, item 2 and item 7 of the application. a reference in tabular form is attached to the decision, which shows that the applicant was granted access to the number of criminal proceedings Prosecutor Ivan Geshev was supervising; the number of convictions; number of convicted and acquitted persons, number of terminated pre-trial proceedings and number of prosecutorial acts submitted to the court. With regard to the information provided under item 7 of the application, no distinction was made between the number of indictments filed and the number of agreements filed, but the total number of prosecutorial acts submitted to the court was given."

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