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Choose “Made in BG” – Like Hell They Will

The cabinet and major retailers have reached a ceasefire following a heated dispute over a government decree for more Bulgarian products in hypermarkets. It should have thrown a lifebelt for our manufacturers in the coronacrisis. But we witnessed another governing vaudeville that ended quickly with the usual fiasco.

"I am not waging a war with anyone," declared the active Minister of Agriculture, Desisilava Taneva, but the retailers do not take her as an adversary. After a thunderous exchange of strikes a friendly briefing was arranged from a media distance, at which consumers were once again made to play the fool. And, of course, the "bury-the-hatchet" came after the inevitable intervention of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.


After all, as customers of the hypermarkets in question, we have to just remember the managers' concern for the "Bulgarian goods" and be content with what we have, as usual. Authorities ordered the retailers to refill their stands with local, regional products within two weeks after its ruling was promulgated in the State Gazette next Tuesday. BG products should also be delivered directly and paid within two weeks of delivery. But what is different from existing practice?.


And another thing, 90% of the range of dairy products should come from Bulgarian producers listed in the National Electronic Register of Food Producers. However, the retailers said that this would not happen and Taneva did not bother to refute them.


In general, Taneva went on a rampage demanding that hypermarkets free half of their stalls for regional producers within a 200 km radius of the respective outlet. Those expectedly squealed like stuck pigs. Of course they did, after it is no problem for them to import vegetables from the moon, if they take it cheaper and on a deferred payment. The enigmatic question was also asked whether the Minister was chasing a redistribution in the market in favor of some corpulent oligarchs, who are allegedly not present in our country.


After her get-together with the Prime Minister Taneva realized that part of the hypermarkets had been working for a year or two on the principles required by the government and stocked Bulgarian food. Around 75% of farmers were market-unsustainable and unorganized but every commercial operator was "free to negotiate in the manner, volume, etc. that is most acceptable for him –that’s all the Ministry can do." Thus, there is nothing left of the half of the kiosks set apart for Bulgarian goods.


Otherwise, there was an understanding on the " meaningful way to help the Bulgarian producer". The chains have presented measures "to offer better channels for supplying consumers with the output of small producers". There was no information at the briefing about which ones they were, but a slight attempt to intimidate hovered in the air: you see, if they stop selling us expensive imported garbage, they will also block the sale of Bulgarian goods in Europe.


Thus, after cheering the people with their ridiculous revelations, the government and hypermarkets “married and lived happily ever after”.

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