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Bulgaria Has Lost the Battle: the EU Adopted the "Mobility"Package

The Council of the EU has today adopted, by written procedure, the controversial changes to the Mobility Package. To enter into force, they remain only to be approved by the European Parliament at second reading, after which the texts should be published in the Official Journal of the Community.

The changes stipulate that the trucks should return to the country where the company is registered, in every 8 weeks, and the driver himself – in every 3 or 4 weeks, depending on his working schedule.

Another requirement is that drivers have a normal weekly rest period of at least 45 hours and spend it outside the truck cab. If the holiday is used outside home, the accommodation must be at the employer's expense.

A total of 9 EU countries, including Bulgaria, do not accept the Mobility Package in its current form. The six countries that opposed the package from the beginning were Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Hungary and Romania, and they joined Cyprus, Malta and Estonia.

"Nine ministers have made it clear and firm that they do not accept what is happening at the moment, in particular as regards the disproportionate and discriminatory rules to be imposed on the return of the vehicle within eight weeks, the return of the driver within four weeks ",Transport Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov said in February.

Earlier, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced that he, along with his counterparts in those countries, was considering filing a class action lawsuit against the package at the EU Court of Justice.

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