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Budget 2021 Will Make People Poorer and Businesses Will Need Intubation

The 2021 budget will make people poorer and businesses will need intubation. There is no money for the ordinary people and the business in this budget. It's about buying votes. The supplement of BGN 50 to the pensions will be until the elections in March and the child allowances are calculated till the end of 2021, probably in view of the presidential elections. After March, anyone receiving a pension of BGN 300 to BGN 1,000 will take less money. This was stated by the President of the Civic Platform "Stand Up, BG" Maya Manolova to the media in Pazardzhik, where she has a meeting with citizens.

She is adamant that the new budget will give companies close to power more money, which is pathetic and irresponsible. "BGN 840 million is provided additionally for asphalt, roads and road repairs. The state "Highways" distributes this money to the companies lined up at the table of power without tender, conditions and price. The Public Procurement Act is circumvented, so the companies that make the roads are the same", Manolova explained and added that the assistance should pass over the circle of friends and reach small businesses and ordinary citizens.

Manolova stressed that people on the front line do not receive support but the salaries of the administration have been increased by 30%. First-line medical professionals did not receive extra BGN 1,000. Several nurses share BGN 1,000 with each other. Police officers are also right to demand a pay rise, she added.

Manolova said that the main problem of people across the country is low incomes. The priority of "Stand Up, BG" is to increase the incomes of Bulgarian citizens. "The minimum monthly income for a working person to become BGN 1000 by flexible working hours and introducing a minimum hourly rate and recalculating all pensions based on social security income from 2017-2018. We insist on the state’s support for the business, with the condition for preserving the jobs and increasing the incomes ", explained the chairman of" Stand Up, BG ". She gave the example of Romania, which was on a par with Bulgaria in 2007 but after the increase in incomes the state did not “break”.

“We have teamed up with "The Toxic Trio" and "There Is Such a People" to counter electoral manipulation. This is not in the power of one entity or one party.
We will create a network of advocates in nearly 12,000 sections in the country to ensure the fairness of the elections, "Manolova said of a working meeting on the fairness of the elections, organized by “The Toxic Trio”.

She said that "Stand Up.BG" will run in the next parliamentary elections with a partner network that includes civil society organizations, initiative committees and several parties -DBC, Volt, the People's Agricultural Union, the Social Democrats, the DNES movement, the New Alternative and the Tatiana Doncheva movement. "We are open to other subjects as well. Both left and right are welcome here," Manolova added.

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