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BSP Will Not Legitimize a Dangerous Process, such as Drawing up a New Constitution, Said Krum Zarkov

"BSP will not legitimize a dangerous and harmful process. This is flirting with our basic law-the Constitution in an absolutely irresponsible way, which aims to gain political time and can take us to places where no one wants to go to.” This was stated to BTV by the deputy chairman of the BSP for Bulgaria parliamentary group, Krum Zarkov.

"Yesterday, on the initiative of Cornelia Ninova, a meeting was held with the people who created the current Constitution. It was also made clear that before a change in the Constitution, competent governance must be found, which will fulfill the commands of the current - legal, social and democratic state ", the socialist emphasized. He added that there were no differences in the position of BSP members with regard to the protection of the principles of the current Constitution.


The Member of the National Assembly recalled that the country is on the verge of elections and, under the Electoral Code, voting must be machine-based, but for a year and a half the majority and the government have been avoiding this issue which is now directed to the CEC, showing the government has absolutely no willingness. Tomislav Donchev, authorized by the Council of Ministers to ensure machine voting, did not respond to the CEC's repeated requests to meet with him. Again, we can find ourselves in the situation GERB has put us several times -on the eve of the election urgent changes are made to again cross out the possibility of machine voting, that is, fair voting," he stressed.


Krum Zarkov commented that Danail Kirilov is a victim of the fact that he slavishly performed everything he was ordered, no matter how crazy it sounded for every lawyer. "He was doing it as chairman of the legal commission, he was also doing it as a minister," the left-wing MP said.


"The effect of this resignation will be the same as the effect of the previous ones. Out of 19 ministers, along with the Prime Minister, 15 have been re-appointed. Does this speak to you of a "government of stability?",  Zarkov asked. He clarified that this was a failure in all spheres and therefore people wanted not only Kirilov’s resignation, but that of Boyko Borisov and the whole government.


The MP expressed the opinion that any Minister of Justice could not cope with in a government that does not speak and does not dare to start a judicial reform, except to misread some European report and announce the end of the monitoring mechanism without it having been completed or with a majority, which shall rubber stamp whatever is presented to it, with the Supreme Judicial Council, which fails to disobey the Prosecutor General and constantly attacks his enemies.


"The government has no idea where to go, they don't know what to do and even if they do, they are scared," Krum Zarkov concluded.

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