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Brussels May Cut Us off Because of Corruption, Radan Kanev Believes

To put it bluntly - the current state of media freedom, political corruption and the politicization of the prosecution directly jeopardize Bulgaria's chances of receiving support and investment from the EU Reconstruction Fund. This is what MEP Radan Kanev wrote on his Facebook page.


"It will deal with issues related to the fight against corruption, freedom of the media and pluralism, and inter-institutional brakes and balances ...

If their functioning is threatened due to the rule of law deficit, the EU will have the power to freeze, reduce or limit European funds proportionally, "Kanev said.


On Monday the European Commission officially announced that it will present the first reports on the general monitoring of the rule of law in September.


"Preparations are in progress. The reports are expected to be bound to the access to EU budget funds. The Commission will propose to suspend or limit the funds allocated to EU countries from the general budget when deficiencies in the rule of law are identified, "said EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders.


The European Commissioner insisted that decisions in this direction be taken by the Council of the EU by a reverse qualified majority – i.e. the rejection would require the votes of 55 per cent of the countries representing 65 per cent of the European population.



"The new mechanism will be a safeguard against corruption, for protecting media freedom and scrutiny of the work of national institutions," Reinders added. He specified that the data for the reports would be collected from various sources but the evaluations on this basis would be made only by the commission.


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